What to Do if You Don’t Have a Last Name on Your PSA Birth Certificate

Imagine finding out that your PSA birth certificate does not have your last name written on it. It can be a confusing and overwhelming experience, but don’t worry – there is a solution. You can file a supplemental report at the LCR (Local Civil Registrar) where your birth certificate is registered. This is an important step in ensuring that your civil registry document is complete and accurate.

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The supplemental report will act as a supplement to your birth certificate, filling in the missing information and giving you peace of mind knowing that your official documentation is up to date. Don’t hesitate to take action and file a supplemental report if you find yourself in this situation. It’s a necessary step in ensuring that your identity is properly recognized and documented.

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What is a Supplemental Report?

A Supplemental Report is a formal written document utilized to provide additional details or rectify omissions in vital records such as birth, marriage, death certificates, and certificates of fetal death. These are typically filed when certain information was accidentally left out at the time of the original document’s registration. For an example of how to draft a Supplemental Report, one can refer to the proforma of an Affidavit for Supplemental Report.

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Who May File the Petition?

The petition for the missing last name on a PSA birth certificate can be filed by several individuals who have a direct and personal interest in the correction of the document. These include:

  1. The owner of the record
  2. The spouse of the owner
  3. The children of the owner
  4. The parents of the owner
  5. The siblings of the owner
  6. The grandparents of the owner
  7. The legal guardian of the owner
  8. Any other person who is duly authorized by law or by the owner of the document themselves
  9. If the owner of the PSA certificate is a minor, physically incapacitated, or mentally incapacitated, any of the individuals mentioned above may file the petition on their behalf.

Where to File the Petition?

Filing the Supplemental Report for a clerical error or missing last name on a PSA birth certificate should be done at the Local Civil Registry Office where the birth was originally registered. However, if the owner has moved from that location, the process can be carried out at the Local Civil Registry Office of their current city or municipality of residence.

The Local Civil Registry may ask the petitioner to submit additional documents as evidence of their correct last name.

For those born abroad, the filing of the Supplemental Report should take place at the Philippine Consulate where the birth was initially reported. If the owner is now living in the Philippines, the Supplemental Report should be forwarded to the Department of Foreign Affairs, specifically the Office of Consular Affairs.

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Reasons Why Important that Your Last Name is Visible on Your PSA Birth Certificate

Having your last name visible on your PSA birth certificate is essential for several reasons:

  1. Establishing Identity: Your last name, in conjunction with your first name, forms a crucial part of your legal identity. This is important for all official and legal matters throughout your life.
  2. Genealogical Record: Your last name often signifies your lineage and helps connect you to your family history. It can be vital for establishing familial relationships.
  3. Legal Documentation: Many legal procedures require a birth certificate as proof of identity. If your last name is not visible, it could cause complications, delays, or even rejection in these processes.
  4. Eligibility for Services: A complete birth certificate is often necessary to access various services and rights, such as education, healthcare, and social security benefits.
  5. Travel Documentation: For obtaining travel documents like a passport, a birth certificate with a clearly visible last name is usually required.
  6. Verification of Age: Birth certificates serve as official proof of age, needed for activities and rights that have age restrictions such as voting, driving, and employment.
  7. Proof of Nationality: Your birth certificate is a key document in establishing your nationality and citizenship.

Therefore, ensuring your last name is clearly visible on your PSA birth certificate is of utmost importance for personal, legal, and administrative reasons.



Your PSA certificates are crucial documents that you and your family should keep updated and accurate. These certificates, including the birth, marriage, death, and CENOMAR, might be required by government and private establishments for various transactions such as enrolling your kids in school, applying for loans, filing insurance or inheritance claims, among others. You must ensure that all entries and dates are correct and accurate in your certificates. In cases where your PSA birth certificate does not show your last name, don’t panic. Instead, take the necessary steps to have it corrected to avoid any inconvenience and hassle in the future.

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