What to Do When You Don’t Have a Birth Certificate Registered in PSA

Getting a negative certification from PSA instead of your PSA birth certificate can be frustrating and confusing. It means that the document you were hoping to obtain could not be found in PSA’s electronic and paper archives. This situation can occur due to a multitude of reasons, such as improper endorsement from the Local Civil Registry office, or perhaps the request was made a little too soon after the life event.

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There are a multitude of reasons why this may occur, such as improper endorsement by the Local Civil Registry office or requesting the certificate too soon after the life event. No matter the reason, receiving a negative certification can be disheartening. However, there are steps you can take to rectify the situation and obtain the necessary documents.

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What are the Reasons of Negative Certification?

A Negative Certification is typically issued when the document being requested (like a birth, marriage, or death certificate) could not be found in the PSA’s (Philippine Statistics Authority) electronic and paper archives. This essentially means that the PSA does not have a record of the document being asked for.

There are several reasons why you might receive a Negative Certification:

  1. Endorsement Delays: The document may not have been endorsed to the PSA yet by the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO). This can happen if the request was made sooner than the prescribed period for PSA certificates to be made available after endorsement from the LCRO.
  2. Clerical Errors: There could be errors in the data entered during the registration of the life event (birth, marriage, or death) at the LCRO. These errors could include incorrect spelling of names, wrong dates, or other typographical errors that could affect the retrieval of the document.
  3. Lost or Damaged Records: In some cases, records may have been lost or damaged due to natural disasters, fires, or other unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Late Registration: The life event (birth, marriage, or death) may not have been registered with the LCRO in a timely manner, or at all.
  5. Record Not Yet Digitized: The PSA has been digitizing records, but not all records may have been digitized yet, especially older ones.

In any case, receiving a Negative Certification is not the end of the road. Procedures are in place to rectify the situation, whether it’s waiting for the endorsement, correcting clerical errors, or filing for late registration.

Application Process When You Get a Negative Certification

Receiving a Negative Certification from the PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) can be disconcerting, but it’s important not to panic or get upset. This usually means that the document you requested (birth, marriage, or death certificate) is not yet available in their database.

There are steps you can follow to resolve this issue:

Step 1: Request a Copy from LCR

Go to the Local Civil Registry (LCR) where the life event was registered and request a copy of the document.

Step 2: Endorsement Request

If the document is available at the LCR, ask them to endorse it to the PSA.

Also, request for copies of the following:

  • Receipt of Forwarder/Courier if the endorsement was sent to PSA through a courier.
  • Personal copy of the document from the LCR.
  • Copy of the Endorsement Letter or Transmittal Letter from the LCR to the PSA.
  • You can also ask the LCR for the timeline of the endorsement and when it would be best for you to file a new request at the PSA.

Step 3: Late Registration

If the document is not available at the LCR, you may need to file a late registration of the life event (birth, marriage, or death). The LCR will then endorse the late registered document to the PSA.

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Sometimes, Negative Certification is issued because the request came before the prescribed period for PSA certificates to be made available after endorsement from the LCR. If this is the case, you simply need to wait until the processing period has ended before making another request.



Getting a Negative Certification from the Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA) can be frustrating, especially when you need a birth certificate that was not registered with them. This document states that the PSA has no record of the civil registry document you need, and it’s an essential requirement in various processes for delayed registration or certification.

However, this document is not the end of the road. You can retrace your steps and head to the Local Civil Registrar’s (LCR) office, where the document was supposed to have been reported and registered. With their assistance, you can obtain the necessary documentation to satisfy requirements, so don’t let a Negative Certification discourage you.

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