Things to Remember if You’re an Expat in Cebu

There are numerous expats who are currently in Cebu so don’t get surprised if you bumped into someone who has the same nationality as you. This province has been a go-to place for foreign tourists and since the country is not that strict when it comes to foreigners entering the land, you can always go in and out of the Philippines so will have more time to explore its wonders other than Cebu.

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If you are in Cebu, there are things you have to keep in mind to make your stay more soulful and meaningful. As an expat, you have to consider that you are stepping foot in a new environment and most likely meet new people as you do your trip. Cebu and its locals are not hard to love.

Expat in Cebu

Tips To Make Your Cebu Travel Meaningful

You will definitely find your reasons why this place is worth your money and time. While you are still in the midst of planning your trip to the towns in Cebu, here the things you need to remember if you are traveling as a foreigner.

Locals will offer you some food and ride as a sign of kindness, so better not reject them.

  • You will find locals being friendly by sharing their food or ride. You should accept their offer as long as you can but be reminded that you need to take extra precautions.

Locals can speak in English.

  • There are a lot of expats exploring Cebu, which is why locals became familiar with the English language even without proper education to learn it. You can speak freely using the universal language and expect that locals can still understand you.

Cebuano language is the main dialect in Cebu.

  • Even if locals can speak in English, don’t hesitate to learn the Cebuano language with them. If you have plans to go back to Cebu after your first trip, you might want to learn their mother tongue. This for sure will add up to your competency level.

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Familiarize yourself with the Philippine money.

  • Familiarizing yourself with the local money is for your own safety. Don’t let other locals take advantage of you especially if you don’t know the faces of the local bills. This is also a way you can budget your travel expenses.

Try to bargain with the locals when shopping in the public market.

  • You cannot avoid some other locals taking advantage of you as a foreigner, so as much as you can, try to bargain with them while you buying food and other stuff in the public market. You can also ask your acquaintance in Cebu how much things cost in this province so you would have the idea.
    There are actually a lot of things to remember but you

don’t need to learn them all at once. You just have to focus on the things that you can use for the moment and during your vacation here in Cebu. Remember the 5 things listed above and don’t forget to take extra precautions!

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