Basic Things to Know about Employment in Cebu

Are you planning to move to Cebu and continue your career there? Are you hoping to find a job in Cebu as soon as possible? If yes and you’re one of the people who chose Cebu as their place for employment, continue reading the rest of this article to learn more.

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Employment provisions and laws are an important part of an employee’s life. If you haven’t been employed and it would be your first time to work in Cebu, you have to be aware of the basic things about employment before you start your work or even days after you started going to your office. You don’t actually have to be as smart as lawyers to understand these provisions.


What Are The Basic Things You Should Know About Employment?

We’ve gathered the fundamentals for you to have an idea of what composes employment here in Cebu.

Employment Contract

  • Before you start your job. You have to make sure that you sign an employment contract. This document will serve as something that will bind you and your employer legally. However, before you sign the contract, you have to read the document first. Some of the important things that should be included there are your start date, salary, and other inclusions in your employment.

Probationary period

  • This is the initial stage of your employment. Usually, this begins from the start date of your employment up to your 6th month. Keep in mind that during this period, you are not yet a regular employee so you have to make the extra effort and perform well.


  • This comes after the probationary period. Once your employer has proved that you’re performing well for the past 6 months, you will be treated as a regular employee. This means that you will be an employee for an indefinite period unless you resign from your current employee. All your benefits as an employee will now be maximized.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

  • Companies now are offering HMO to its employees. This is one of the best benefits you can get as an employee. With HMO, you are entitled to free checkups and many health-related privileges.

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Paid Leaves

  • When you become a regular employee, you are entitled to the number of leaves. This includes sick leaves, vacation leaves, emergency leaves, and other special leaves depending on your needs. This is why being a regular employee is an advantage. You will have a lot of rights and opportunities while you’re earning monthly. Just make sure to maximize your leaves so it won’t get into waste.


  • This is the part where you will have to send your resignation letter if you want to leave your employer. Basically, approval from your employer is not needed. You just have to give notice to your employer so they would know your plans to leave the company.

Those are the basic things you should know about your employment. Having knowledge about this will help you become a wise employee. This will also avoid you from abusive employers.

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