Why Living in Cebu is Better

Stuck between staying in Metro Manila and living in Cebu? Don’t worry because we have gathered the information for you! In this post, we will talk about the 5 reasons why living in Cebu is better than any other busy city in the Philippines. This would be great for expats and locals who are planning to have a quick or long vacation in the country.

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There will always be differences since we are talking about two places in different islands of the Philippines here. Be it the lifestyle of locals, transportation, expat experience, malls, or housing, Cebu has contrasting features if compared to Metro Manila.

cebu vs manila

Metro Cebu vs Metro Manila

In case you’re coming from another country and you haven’t chosen your perfect place yet, here are the reasons why you should choose Cebu over the busy capital of the Philippines.

Tourist Spots

  • It’s no surprise that Cebu is better than Metro Manila in terms of the number of tourist destinations. Being a province, Cebu has never failed to amaze domestic and foreign tourists. Whether you are craving for some beach bum o hiking, you can always find a perfect spot in Cebu. If you stay in Manila, you have to prepare yourself to go outside the city if you want to go to nice beaches and mountains.

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  • Traffic is severe in Metro Manila. Despite the efforts of the government to regulate the number of vehicles, the rush hours won’t exempt you from this situation. Cebu is better though because of the rare cases of traffic. You will only experience getting stuck on the road in the main city and town proper. The rest of your trip will be as smooth as the highways.

Departure and Arrival at the Airport

  • Even before the terminals in Ninoy Aquino Internation Airport (NAIA), there’s always been Mactan International Airport providing better services to locals and foreigners. If you departing or arriving in NAIA gave you a bad experience, this won’t happen in Mactan Airport as seats and spaces are always available for passengers.

Taxi Encounters

  • Taxis are better in Cebu in terms of service and drivers. Although drivers in Cebu speak mostly in Tagalog, most of them won’t give you a bad encounter. Upon arriving at the Mactan Airport, you can opt to ride on a yellow cab but expect higher prices than usual or you can take the elevator to get to the second floor the exit from the departure area to avail a lower taxi fare. There is a line of regular-priced taxis when you exit the building waiting for the next passengers. This isn’t always the case in the terminal II of NAIA.

Cost of Living

  • The cost of living in Cebu is considerably lower. The retail industry here is in line with the competitive prices of provinces. You will find a lot of cheap items and best deals even within the major malls like SM and Ayala.

A provincial life over the city culture? The choice is yours. Weigh your options and choose the lifestyle you want to live.

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