Cost of Living in Cebu

Planning to stay in Cebu for a long time? If you are, you have to be aware of the possible expenses you are about to incur. Whether you’re coming from a different country, province or city, you still have to be knowledgeable of the prices of your basic needs here because there might be changes. To learn more about it, continue on the rest of the article.

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The cost of living may vary depending on the lifestyle you prefer. If you want a better lifestyle, you have to prepare your money. Basic essentials will cost higher than simple living. Whatever you choose, both will have a good outcome since Cebu is such a beautiful place to stay in. To start forecasting your budget, here are the major things you are likely to spend on.

Cost of Living Cebu

Monthly Expenses When you Live in Cebu


  • Rent can be as cheap as P2,000 for a bedspace and expensive as P30,000 a month for a condo depending on the location you prefer and type of unit. Some apartments are located on the farther side of Cebu City while some high-end places are within the city.

House helper (Optional)

  • If you’re planning to get a job in the province, a good maid will help your lifestyle easier. House helpers can run the errands for you like shopping and groceries. Instead of thinking about how this can increase your expenses, think of it as something that will save you time and effort every day. Not everyone who stays in Cebu can afford housemaids but if you can, it’s recommended especially if you’re working full time.

Internet & Cable

  • Internet and cable TVs can save you from boredom in the province. There are several providers in Cebu like Globe and PLDT, offering as cheap as P1,000 a month. You will need this if you’re working at home.

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  • There is a public transportation system available in Cebu for everyone. For as low as P8, you’ll be able to get a short ride on jeepneys. You have the option to travel via airplanes, air-conditioned buses, and taxis as well. Just keep track of your transportation expenses because there are always cheaper options to explore the province.


  • Prepaid and postpaid sim cards are your choices for phone plans. If you opt to get a postpaid plan, you will have to pay for a monthly fee for your calls and texts, say P1,500 monthly. And if you choose the prepaid, you will need to buy e-loads every time you need to call or text someone. The monthly expense for prepaid can be as low as P500.


  • Food in Cebu is cheaper than any city since restaurants here have lower prices. You can always choose to cook at home for better meals. For as low as P2,000 per month for groceries, you can have your best food experience at home.

These are the basic needs you have to spend on if you’re in Cebu. Always remember that you can make a better budget plan that fits your monthly income.

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