List of Souvenir Shops in Cebu

Cebu is a great home of beautiful beaches and the great-tasting Lechon in the country. But aside from those things, did you know that this province also makes good stuff that can be exported or bought by tourists? It is the reason why more and more domestic and foreign visitors are patronizing the souvenirs being sold on the whole island.

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If this is your first time traveling to a place away from home or it’s just the beginning of your journey here in the Philippines, you will want something to remind you of your trip for sure. Here in Cebu, there are a lot of quality products that can be brought not just within the country but as well to other regions of the world. This just means that you can buy good gifts for your family when you’re in Cebu!

Shops for Souvenirs in Cebu

To know more about what Cebu can offer in terms of souvenirs and gifts, here’s the list of good souvenir shops around the town.

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Back of SM City Cebu

  • This is no way a particular shop but this is a good place where you can buy different souvenirs. It’s more of a group of stalls where you can find different accessories like handcrafted bracelets, necklaces, island hats, fish wallets, knitted bags, ref magnets, keychains and many more. As what Filipinos call them—they are cheap borloloys in the city! To get there, you can hire a cab and request to be dropped off in the back of SM City Cebu or you can ride a jeepney with the following signboards: 01K, 27, 04L, 23, 22D, 22E, and 22G.

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  • If you want to get souvenirs that can be eaten instead, you can head to Shamrock located in Honoria Paras Bldg, Fuente Osmeña Circle, Cebu City. You can also contact them at (032)-238-5465. The most popular token available here is their dried mango. In fact, when you ask locals or anyone who has been to Cebu, they will definitely recommend Shamrock as the top shop! And it’s not just dried mangoes, there are a whole lot of kinds of delicacies available here like Otap—a sugar-coated cookie which took its root from Cebu.

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Island souvenirs

  • If you’re more into island t-shirts, summer shorts, and printed souvenirs, you can head to Island souvenirs located in P. Burgos St. in Cebu City. You can reach them at (032)-236-5062. What’s good about this shop is that it serves as a one stop store where you can buy shirts, shorts, and hats with I Love Cebu prints. Some preferred this kind of stuff than pure keychains and accessories.

These are so far the best and most convenient shops where you can buy gifts for your loved ones. Don’t take this as an extra expense because you will never regret buying something from Cebu when you get home. Also, your family and friends will surely appreciate this sweet gesture!

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