Basic Transportation in Cebu

If you’re new here in Cebu, you don’t actually need your own private vehicle to get around the city. There are available public transportation you can use in order to get to your preferred destinations. To start getting around the beautiful Cebu, read the rest of the post as we introduce to you the ways on how you travel from one place to another.

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Tourists who are going to Cebu prefer not to bring their own car because most of them are here for vacation and they are likely to transfer from one province to another via sea or air. It’s actually more convenient if you will just hire someone who can drive for you whenever you are roaming around. For travelers who are new here in Cebu, here the basic transportation in this province you can utilize while you’re on your vacation.

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Local Transport in Cebu For Everyone


The Philippines is known for its unique way of transporting locals. In Cebu, you will get to enjoy riding on a jeepney from one barangay to another. It’s a kind of local transport which will require you less than $1 to be able to get a ride. Jeepneys are good for short hops and terminals are very accessible. Popular terminals include PUJ Ayala which has routes going to Lapu-Lapu City and Lahug.


A bus is another public transport here in Cebu. There are public and private types. Public buses are those without air-conditioners while private buses are those which have coolers to maintain the comfort of the passengers. MyBus is a popular Cebu transport which only accepts cash if you’re originating from the airport and SM City Mall. If you’re coming from other places, you need to purchase a travel card to get a ride.

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Of course, taxis are available for those who want a private ride going to different places. This type of public transport is very accessible from the airport and malls. The usual base of taxi meters in Cebu is 40 pesos then 3.50 pesos for every extra 500-meter distance. If you have baggage and prepare to ride alone, a taxi is the best option.


Habal-habal is becoming a popular ride in the provinces and cities. Travelers ride habal-habal or single motorcycles in order to minimize the travel time and avoid traffic which is usually in the cities. If you want to go to hidden places like beaches and mountain resorts, the most convenient way is to ride a habal-habal.


In small barangays away from the city, tricycles are the common way of transport. Cebuanos are getting more creative when it comes to designing their ride. If you will stay in Cebu for a while, you will get to see the design variances. Tricycles are convenient as well if you’re planning to go to hidden beaches and resorts.

Now that you have the list of alternative transport here in Cebu, don’t miss out the fun. Start traveling now!

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