Helpful Tips When Driving in Cebu

So you’ve gotten your driver’s license already and you can’t wait to drive your car on the streets. Please be aware of road traffic rules and guides. It’s always good to be aware of how you should behave when you are behind the wheels. Here we share some tips and reminders when driving in the city.

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Whether you are a local or foreigner currently staying in Cebu, there will be more than once in your life that you will experience getting stuck in traffic. It’s normal to experience that, however, you must know that traffic here in Cebu is better than if you are in Manila. That’s one thing we should be thankful for, right? So, regardless if you’re a professional driver or not, it’s time to refresh your mind with the traffic guides in Cebu we have for you!

Driving Cebu

Important Things to Remember When Driving in Cebu

Stay calm

  • Instead of getting annoyed by traffic, you should calm down. In this way, you won’t add up to the negative vibe of the environment. You will only make things worse if you will tantrum while stuck in traffic.

Follow the traffic lights

  • Traffic lights serve as signals or indicators. Make sure to follow these signal lights to avoid road accidents. Remember what each traffic light represents.

Entertain yourself using your car radio

  • While stuck in traffic, you should have some ways to entertain yourself. By that we mean, turn on your car radio and do not focus on your smartphones!

Stop using your phones while driving

  • Whether you are stuck in traffic or not, you should not use your phones while on the road. What if you’re using your phone and accidentally bumped into the back of the car in front of you? Is damaging another vehicle worth using your smartphone?

Don’t drink and drive

  • It’s regardless of the time of the day, you should never drink alcoholic drinks then drive afterward. Cases are, you won’t be yourself if you drive under the influence of the alcohol. Drivers who are drunk or even with the slightest alcohol drop in their system are prone to road accidents.

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Watch out of pedestrians

  • This should also top your priorities as a driver because some pedestrians are stubborn. Some of them will cross the street using the wrong lane or even if the traffic light signal is red. You should always watch out for pedestrians to be careful.

Patience is the key

  • Along with staying calm, you should be as patient as you can be while driving. You may encounter impatient drivers so if they can’t be courteous, you should be instead.

Drive with a full tank

  • Make sure you gas up enough for your long drive. It’s recommended that you drive with a full tank so you won’t get gas shortage while you’re driving.

Now that you have some tips to refresh your minds, it’s time to share this with your family and friends who are also driving in Cebu. Make sure to utilize the list above for your own convenience.

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