SSS Benefits, Requirements, and Application Process in Cebu

Applying for Pag-IBIG, SSS, and Philhealth is the number one responsibility of every Filipino before they start working. If you are in Cebu and planning to settle your life in this province, you need to be mindful of the process of getting your own mandatory documents because one way or another, you will be needing those once your employer requests for it.

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SSS, Pag-IBIG, and Philhealth have respective processes for application. This article will help and guide you so you can save up time gathering the required documents before going to the government branches. Here’s the step by step application procedure for your own convenience.

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What is SSS?

SSS Philippines (Social Security System) is a government-run social insurance program that provides benefits to its members and their dependents in the event of sickness, maternity, disability, retirement, old age or death. It also offers salary loans for qualified members. SSS has branches in different provinces all over the Philippines where members can apply for benefits or services such as applying for an SSS number and registering for contributions.

Other services that may be availed include loan payment processes, filing claims and appeals. Knowing the requirements and application process for SSS in the Philippines will surely help you in your application.

Why is SSS Important for Every Filipino?

SSS is important because it serves as the primary social security provider and insurance in the country. It provides health, retirement, and other benefits to individuals who have contributed to the fund. This helps provide a more secure future for employees in particular, since they can use these insurance plans during times of need.

Furthermore, SSS has been instrumental in helping many people get back on their feet after a difficult period due to its range of benefits packages.

Finally, SSS enables Filipinos to save money on taxes which can be used for other expenses or investments. All these factors make SSS an integral part of any Filipino’s financial plan.

Benefits of Having Social Security System Account

The following are the advantages if you have SSS in the country:

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SSS Application Process and Requirements

Be sure to secure the following documents:

  • SSS E1 Form, which can be obtained from the SSS branch.
  • NSO/PSA Birth Certificate and must be original
  • Valid ID or nay supporting IDs from this list.
    • Passport
    • Local/international driver’s license
    • PRC ID
    • Seaman’s book
    • Voter’s ID/Certificate of Registration
    • TIN ID
    • Company ID
    • Barangay/Police/NBI Clearance
    • Credit/Debit Cards With Your Own Name
  • Valid e-mail address for online account

How to Apply for SSS Benefits

  1. Go to the nearest SSS branch.
    • SM City Cebu Branch
      Location: North Reclamation Are, Cebu City
    • SSS Cebu
      Location: SSS Building, Kalubihan, Cebu
      Phone Number: (032)-505-9301
    • SSS Bogo Cebu
      Location: Tan Building San Vicente St. Bogo, Cebu
      Phone Number: (032)-434-7559
    • SSS Lapu-Lapu
      Location: Ground Floor Annex Building, Gaisano Mactan Island Mall, Pajo, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu
      Phone Number: (032)-340-8050
    • Cebu NRA
      Location: 3rd Floor Robinsons Galleria, Cebu
    • SSS Robinsons Fuente
      Location: Sta. Cruz, Fuente Osmena Boulevard, Cebu
      Phone Number: (032)-254-1119
    • SSS Talisay
      Location: 2nd level, Gaisano Grand Fiesta Mall, Tabunok, Talisay, Cebu
      Phone Number: (032)-520-7234
    • SSS J. Centre Mall
      Location: Mandaue J. Centre Mall, A.S Fortuna Street, Bakilid Mandaue City
      Phone Number: (032)-246-4983
    • SSS Toledo
      Location: Penalosa St., Luray I, Poblacion, Toledo, Cebu
      Phone Number: (032)-322-5294
  2. Get your number from the guards and wait in the line together with your SSS E1 form.
  3. Once your number flashes on the screen or you heard your number called by the personnel, go to the designated counter.
  4. Submit the required documents and your E1 form.
  5. The personnel will process everything and then will give you a copy of your E1 form.
  6. Keep your E1 form for future reference like getting your UMID.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines?

The Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines is a social insurance program that provides monetary protection to Filipino citizens who are employed, unemployed, or retired. It is administered by the Social Security Commission and funded through contributions from its members. This program provides a range of benefits including monthly pensions for elders, sickness allowances, maternity benefits, disability benefits, death and funeral grants, salary loans and business loans.

2. Who can be a member of SSS Philippines?

All Filipino citizens working either in the private or public sector can join SSS. Additionally, self-employed individuals are also eligible to become members. Furthermore, non-working spouses who are married to an SSS member may also be enrolled under their spouse’s account. Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) may likewise enroll in SSS if they have valid proof of regular income from abroad such as payslips or remittance slips.

3. How can I apply for an SSS membership?

To apply for an SSS membership you will need to secure an E1 Form which you can obtain at any SSS branch nearest you. You will also need to bring along your original NSO/PSA Birth Certificate and any valid ID such as passport, driver’s license, PRC ID, seamen’s book, voter’s certificate/ID, TIN ID ,company ID or barangay/police/NBI Clearance. Once your documents have been submitted the personnel at the counter will process them and give you a copy of your E1 form which should be kept for future reference when getting your UMID card.

4. What are the benefits of being an SSS member?

There are many benefits that come with being an SSS member including sickness allowances when sick; maternity benefits during childbirth; retirement benefits when retired; disability grants; death and funeral grants; salary loans up to P20 000; and business loans. There is also coverage against accidents while travelling on official business trips approved by your employer as well as medical assistance while abroad if hospitalized due to illness or injury sustained while travelling on duty abroad. Moreover those already receiving pension may get additional monthly cash allowance if they reach the age of 70 years old or older called “Additional Non-Contributory Pension Benefit”.

5. How much do I need to contribute as an SSS member?

As an employed individual you must pay a minimum contribution based on your salary bracket every month into your SSS account which ranges between P100 to P2 340 depending on your salary amount per month . The employer will then match the same amount which he must pay into employee’s account monthly making it easier for employees to contribute more towards their own retirement funds . Self-employed individuals must pay 11% – 15% based on their gross income per quarter with no counterpart from employers . OFWs must pay 11% – 15 % depending on their gross income per month .

6. How do I track my payment records?

You can easily track all your payment records online through My SS Online Account which allows you to view detailed information about all payments made over time including date paid and amount paid which makes it easier for members to keep tabs on their own contributions throughout the year.


We hope this article helps to enlighten you about the SSS application process. Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends, especially those who are in Cebu and getting their first job. Having a list of the SSS branches, the how-to, and the required documents will get everything easier for you.

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