What to Do if the Last Name on Your PSA Birth Certificate is Blurry or Unreadable

Your last name plays a vital role in defining your identity, which makes it essential for it to be correctly stated on your PSA birth certificate. However, rectifying any errors can be a complex and time-consuming process. In some extreme cases, you may even need to take the issue to court. But don’t lose hope. If there are discrepancies or mistakes on your birth certificate, you have the option to apply for a correction and file a petition to amend the error.

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It’s advisable to address these issues as soon as you can to avoid unnecessary expenses and complications down the line. This underscores the importance for parents to thoroughly check the accuracy and completeness of their child’s certificate of live birth before submitting it to the Local Civil Registry (LCR) for registration. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure,” and this couldn’t be more true in this context.

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If your last name is unclear or illegible on your birth certificate, the quickest solution is to ask for a clear copy from the Local Civil Registry (LCR) where your birth was registered. Request them to endorse this clear copy to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). However, if the LCR’s copy of your birth certificate is also blurry, you’ll need to file a petition for correction of clerical error under the guidelines of Republic Act 9048.

Who May File the Petition?

The petition for correction of the PSA certificate can be initiated by the following individuals:

  1. The individual named on the PSA certificate
  2. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
  3. The Spouse 
  4. Children 
  5. Parents 
  6. Siblings 
  7. Grandparents 
  8. Appointed Guardians 
  9. Any other person who is legally authorized

Petition Form

In the case where the owner of the PSA certificate is a minor, or physically or mentally incapable, any of the individuals mentioned above can file the petition on their behalf.

Where to File the Petition?

The petition for correction of a PSA certificate should be filed at the Local Civil Registry (LCR) where the birth, marriage, or death was registered. If the person who is the subject of the record is no longer a resident of the Philippines, the petition may be filed at the LCR office of the last town or city in the Philippines where they resided before leaving the country.

Required Documents

When submitting a petition under Republic Act 9048, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) requires the following documents to be presented:

  1. A certified machine copy of the birth record that contains the entry needing correction.
  2. At least two private or public documents that will serve as the basis for the correction. These can include baptismal certificates, voter’s affidavits, employment records, GSIS/SSS records, medical records, business records, driver’s licenses, insurance documents, land titles, certificates of land transfer, bank passbooks, NBI/police clearances, or civil registry records of ascendants.
  3. A Notice/Certificate of Posting.
  4. A filing fee of PHP 1,000.00.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Local Civil Registry (LCR) may require additional documents depending on the specifics of your case.

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Reason Why Important that Your Last Name is Legible on your PSA Birth Certificate

Having a legible last name on your PSA Birth Certificate is crucial due to the following reasons:

  1. Identity Verification: A legible last name is essential for confirming your identity in various situations, from government transactions to private sector dealings.
  2. Legal Matters: In legal proceedings or when applying for legal documents such as passports or driver’s licenses, a clear and readable last name on your birth certificate is required to avoid any confusion or misinterpretation.
  3. Academic and Employment Processes: Educational institutions and employers need to clearly read your last name on your birth certificate for registration, enrollment, or hiring processes.
  4. Financial Transactions: For banking and other financial transactions, a legible last name on your birth certificate is needed for verification purposes.
  5. Inheritance and Property Rights: A clear and readable last name is crucial in matters related to inheritance or property rights to establish your legitimate claim.
  6. Accuracy across Documents: It is important to ensure the legibility of your last name on your birth certificate to maintain consistency across all your official and personal documents.

Thus, having your last name clearly written on your PSA Birth Certificate helps prevent misunderstanding and potential legal complications.


Having an unreadable last name on your PSA birth certificate can be a frustrating experience. It’s important to have all the correct information on a legal document like your birth certificate, and when it comes to something as important as your name, you don’t want to take any chances.

If you’re struggling with this issue, you should consider visiting your local civil registry office to have the mistake corrected. It may take some time, but it’s worth it for the peace of mind that comes with having all the correct information on your important documents. Don’t stress too much about it – just take the necessary steps to address the problem and move forward confidently.

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