What to Do if the Last Name on Your PSA Birth Certificate is Misspelled

Accuracy is of utmost importance when dealing with official documents. However, errors can sometimes occur, such as a misspelled last name on a PSA birth certificate. These mistakes can be both inconvenient and frustrating, but there is a solution available. Individuals can rectify the misspelling by filing a petition for correction of clerical error under the provisions of R.A. 9048. The process for correcting misspelled names follows the same guidelines as those for blurred last names, ensuring that your birth certificate contains correct information.

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Don’t let a simple error become a hindrance. Act promptly and get your PSA birth certificate corrected today. This step will not only rectify the mistake on an important identification document, but also prevent potential complications in future transactions requiring this certificate.

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What is the RA 9048 Law?

Republic Act (RA) 9048 authorizes the city/municipal civil registrar or the consul general to correct a clerical error or typographical error in an entry and/or change the first name or nickname in the civil registrar without need of a judicial order.

ra 9048

Who May File the Petition?

A petition for the correction of clerical errors or change of first name in the civil register can be filed by any individual who has a direct and personal interest in these changes. This typically includes the owner of the record that needs correction or alteration. It’s important to note that this procedure can only be done once, and the initial record will be preserved even after the corrections or changes have been made.

Petition Filing

Where to File the Petition?

To initiate a petition for the correction of a PSA certificate, you should file it at the Local Civil Registry (LCR) office where the event (birth, marriage, or death) was originally registered. However, if the petitioner no longer resides in that place, the petition can be filed at the LCR office of the city or municipality where they currently live. If the subject of the record is overseas and had resided in the Philippines before, the petition may be filed at the LCR office of the last place of residence in the country.

Required Documents

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Here are the Requirements when Filing a petition for Correction of Clerical Error:

  1. Contents of the Petition: The petition should clearly state the specific error in the record, the correction desired, and the reasons for requesting the change. It should also include pertinent personal information like full name, address, and birth details.
  2. Supporting Documents: You are required to provide supporting documents that validate the corrections you’re seeking. These may include baptismal certificates, school records, employment records, or other legal documents that correctly state the information.
  3. Distribution of the Petition Documents: After filing, copies of the petition should be distributed as required by law. This typically involves giving copies to various interested parties, such as local civil registry offices and other relevant institutions.
  4. Publication: The notice of the petition should be published in a newspaper of general circulation. This is to inform the public and give anyone potentially affected by the change an opportunity to contest it.
  5. Filing Fee: There’s a fee associated with filing the petition. The amount can vary depending on the jurisdiction and nature of the clerical error but should be included with your application when submitting the petition.

Please bear in mind that depending on the specific circumstances of your case, the Local Civil Registry (LCR) may ask for additional documents.

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Reasons Why Important that Your Last Name Is Spelled Correctly?

Ensuring that your last name is spelled correctly is of utmost importance for several reasons:

  1. Respect and Identity: Your name is a significant part of your identity. Spelling it correctly shows respect and acknowledgment of your individuality.
  2. Communication: Whether it’s personal or professional communication, having your name spelled correctly helps avoid confusion and ensures clear understanding.
  3. Legal Documents: On legal documents such as passport, driver’s license, or contracts, the correct spelling of your last name is crucial to avoid legal complications.
  4. Academic and Employment Records: Inaccuracies in the spelling of your last name can lead to mix-ups in school or work records, which could impact your educational or career progress.
  5. Financial Transactions: Banks and financial institutions rely on accurate information for their records. Incorrectly spelled names could lead to issues with accounts or transactions.
  6. Digital Presence: In today’s digital world, an accurately spelled name is important for social media accounts, email addresses, and online profiles.

In essence, the correct spelling of your last name is vital in every aspect of life – from personal interactions to official matters. It not only ensures clarity and precision but also aids in maintaining a consistent and accurate record across various platforms and documents.


Discovering a misspelling in your last name on your PSA birth certificate may initially cause concern, but rest assured, this issue can be easily resolved. The Republic Act No. 9048 provides provisions for the correction of such clerical errors. You can rectify this by submitting a petition for the correction of a clerical error. This process is designed to correct minor mistakes like misspellings in an efficient and streamlined manner.

The same steps that apply to correcting a blurred last name on a PSA birth certificate also apply to misspelled last names. Therefore, it’s a straightforward process that should not cause undue worry. Remember, a clerical error is a minor issue that can be corrected with the right procedure. So, take the necessary actions now to rectify it and continue with your life without any unnecessary stress or hindrance.

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