Why NBI and Police Clearance are Required when you Apply for a Job

Have you ever wondered why such clearances are needed when you’re looking for a job in Cebu? NBI and police clearance provide an important purpose not just for the employer but for the applicant as well. You will need this as a preliminary assessment of yourself. If you want to know more about these two vital requirements when applying for a job, continue reading the rest of this article.

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If you’re in Cebu and you’ve just heard about NBI and Police Clearance, some people might suggest that these documents are just the same. Say the NBI Clearance is one level higher because of the results generated considering the criminal offense of the person nationwide. On the other hand, police clearance is a certificate that proves you are not convicted of any crime in a specific area only. To support this fact, here are the major key points you need to know about these two documents.

Police and NBI Clearance Cebu

Why Are These Clearance Needed?

  • These are needed to check if you have been convicted of any crimes before. These documents are a part of your employment application because employers also consider the background of employees when they are hiring.
  • What are the limitations of NBI and Police Clearance?

  • Both NBI and Police Clearance can’t tell if the applicant is convicted of any civil crimes before. This just means that criminal offenses are the only ones reported in these documents.
  • The NBI Clearance will show any criminal offenses filed in the Philippine courts. However, if the case is still in progress, it would not be reflected in the clearance.
  • The Police Clearance will only reflect the criminal offenses within a specific locality.

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How To Get Your Own NBI Clearance Online

  • Register online via https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/.
  • You should sign in to complete the online application.
  • Choose your schedule of appointment. You will have the chance to choose which branch you want to go to. Here’s the list of NBI Satellites in Cebu (or you can choose from the NBI website):
    • Banawa Paseo Arcenas, R. Arcenas St. Cebu City | (032)-520-8985
    • Capitol Site, Cebu City | (032)-254-6444
    • J Centre Bldg., A. S. Fortuna St. Mandaue City | (032)-505-3461
    • Cebu N Rd, Mandaue City | (032)-414-1782
  • Choose how you would like to pay for the fee. He most convenient way is to pay in the NBI branch on your appointment.
  • Go to the NBI branch you chose and get your picture and biometrics taken.
  • Claim your clearance. It usually takes 2 weeks for those who have a hit on the record while you can get the clearance on the same day if you don’t have a hit.

For future reference, NBI clearance is more powerful than police clearance. Now that it has an extended expiration date, you can use it for different purposes other than employment.

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