5 Fun Facts about Cebu

Visiting Cebu soon? Before you finally storm off this beautiful province, there are things you must need to know to keep you looking forward to the experience. For local and international travelers, Cebu plays a big part in the history of the Philippines, making it one of the must-visit places if you want to have a great Philippine trip.

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Cebu is known for many good things. It’s a home of the enchanting beaches in the country. It’s a go-to place of foreign travelers. It’s a haven of good Filipino food and many more. Now that you’re planning to go here sooner, you need to at least learn and know the 5 basic things every traveler should know about Cebu.

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5 Fun Trivia about Cebu

There are still so many things you should learn about Cebu. Here are some interesting trivia you can learn as you explore what this city can offer. Good to know some fun facts for your pleasure (and ours, too).

1. Cebu is the home of the first Filipino hero.

Have you heard about Lapu-Lapu? Lapu-Lapu was the first ruler of a portion of Cebu, which is known as Mactan. He was able to fought and win the battle against Ferdinand Magellan who was with Spanish colonizers during April 1521. Today, Cebu is being honored because of this heroic deeds.

2. Cebu is the oldest city in the Philippines.

Yes, Cebu is the oldest city in the country. It was the first Spanish colony during the time when Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, a conquistador, signed the Treaty of Cebu with Rajah Tupaz sometime in 1565. Being the oldest city, it has the oldest street known as the Colon street where malls and supermarket like Metro is situated.

3. The best tasting lechon is in Cebu.

It’s a good experience for first time travelers here in the Philippines, to taste the world’s famous lechon. Although there are provinces in the country offering legit lechon Cebu, it would be just great to have a taste of it in the land where it originated.

It was President Ramon Magsaysay who died in Mt. Manunggal in Cebu.

4.The country’s oldest Christian relic is in Cebu.

Santo Nino de Cebu is the oldest relic of Christianity here in the Philippines. It’s also one of the tourist destinations in the province because of its history. Sometime in 1521, Ferdinand Magellan gave the image of Santo Nino as a gift to Rajah Humabon and Queen Juana. Santo Nino then became the patron saint of Cebu. To celebrate the feast of the patron saint, the province celebrates Sinulog Festival yearly.

5. A country’s president died in the mountain in Cebu.

It was President Ramon Magsaysay who crashed in Mt. Manunggal in Cebu which ended his life. Aside from being a historic place, Mt. Manunggal has been well-maintained for hikers’ mountain experience.

The province of Cebu is definitely a perfect place for every traveler across the world. It’s not just the tourist destinations that make it an exciting spot. It’s the history of the place that tells us that Cebu will continue to give us the hidden gems of the country.

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