Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Cebu

Coming from a different province or city other than Cebu? Coming from other countries and planning to settle your life in this province instead? All of these are possible if you are willing to make things happen. Even if you are a Filipino from another province or an expat, you can always choose Cebu as a stable place for yourself and your family. It’s also a better haven for those who are planning to retire.

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But before you decide to move to Cebu, there are things you need to be aware about. The first step you must do is to study and research other people’s experiences first because you will definitely learn from their mistakes and decisions. This will also drive you to become aware of your environment first and know your real purpose for moving into another place. To help you out, we’ve collected the major things you need to remember when relocating to Cebu.

Considering to Cebu

Things To Remember When Relocating To Cebu

The purpose of your relocation

  • Before you move into another place, make sure that you have listed your purpose and motivations. Impulsive decisions can make a bad impact on your life so better make a sound commitment before you do something that will change your life forever.

Are you buying or renting a house?

  • Before you relocate, make sure you to ask yourself if you are going to rent or buy a property in Cebu. While it is not bad to rent, it is recommended to buy your house instead if you are staying in Cebu for the long-term.

Are you moving in with your family?

  • Consider your family before you move in. If one of your purposes is to live alone in Cebu or get together with your wife, then you should talk to your family first and ask for their advice about it. Meanwhile, take into account the expenses you need if you’re moving in with your family. Your spending might be a bit different when you bring your family with you.

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Culture shock will happen

  • It’s normal to undergo a culture shock especially if it’s your first time living in a province. If you will come from a city, you need to prepare yourself because you are likely to experience and live in a different environment. But don’t worry because this is common and can be resolved after a certain period of time. Don’t worry too much about it, you will learn to appreciate the difference!

Do you have enough budget to relocate?

  • If you don’t think you have enough money to relocate to Cebu, you better not do it too soon. You need to be prepared not just emotionally but financially as well. Life in Cebu is more simple but you will need more resources during your first months here.

Remember these things before you push through with your relocation plans. It is important to be prepared and make serious decisions so you can avoid troubles in the future. To add, it would be harder to go back to your previous home if you have moved in already!

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