In-Demand Job Positions in Cebu

Job hunting in Cebu? Wondering what’s the most in-demand position in this province? If you are, it’s perfect timing that you came across this article! A lot of local and foreign nationals are planning to settle their life in Cebu. While some of them have already built up their financial capabilities, some are eager to continue their employment on this great island bringing with them the experience and professionalism they learned from different industries and areas.

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If you are a professional having a good career and educational background, you will surely land a nice job easier. You can use your competence and skills to look for a work that best suits you.

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In-Demand Jobs In Cebu

While jobs are increasing and becoming readily available for applicants, Cebu has great opportunities in store for you. Here’s the list of the top in-demand jobs in the province and the highest paying positions you could find.

  • BPO Professionals

Cebu is home to many Business Process Outsourcing companies. There are plenty of call center job openings that are posted in job-search sites and posters in the streets. In fact, many people from surrounding provinces have chosen Cebu as it’s not as crowded (although it’s really getting so much busier nowadays) than Manila.

  • Nurses

Based on the April 2019 data, this is the most in-demand jobs in Cebu. The growth of healthcare needs might have triggered the necessity in the market. Considering that Cebu is one of the provinces in the country where great medical professionals practice their specialization, it is not a surprise that there is a need for more nurses in the area.

  • Sales Executives and Creative Professionals

The need for designers and writers is increasing in Cebu. You might as well want to apply for these positions if you have the experience and competence.

  • Civil, Industrial, and Mechanical Engineers

Infrastructures are growing in the area, which is why the need for engineers are increasing as well.

  • Teachers

This profession will never be out of the list. More teachers are needed in Cebu!

  • Finance/Clerical/Admin

Desk jobs are also needed in the province now that more BPO companies are emerging not just in Metro Manila but in Metro Cebu as well. If you have the experience, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it.

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Highest Paying Positions In Cebu

  • Junior Executives

If you’re one of the professionals who have one to four years of experience in the corporate world, job hunting would not be too hard for you. Junior executives are being paid at least 37,000 a month in Cebu but of course, it would still depend on which industry you are in.

  • Supervisors

Leaders for sales, human resources, customer service, finance, and engineering sectors are in-demand today. Applicants with up to 5-10 years of experience in the said role can take this opportunity to be paid at least 40,000 a month.

  • Managers

This position is higher than a supervisory role and would pay you more than 50,000 a month depending on which industry you are in. If you have more than 10 years of experience, don’t hesitate to try out some good vacancies.

Now that you’ve gathered your thoughts about the most in-demand jobs and positions in Cebu, it’s time to update your resume and start your job hunting!

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