Top 10 Infinity Pools in Cebu

Cebu is a total package of tourist destinations. Be it beaches, historical sites, or resorts, you don’t need to go outside this stunning province just to enjoy your vacation here in the Philippines. Now that the world is continuously evolving and things get better including the simple tourist destination spots we are used to visiting. One of the notable improvements when it comes to tourist places is the emergence of infinity pools.

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Infinity pools are becoming a hype not just for young professionals but for everyone. Compared to the city where infinity pools are located above hotel buildings, Cebu has more to offer than just city views. Whether you are fond of mountain views, beach sights, and endless sea sceneries, you will surely enjoy your relaxing stay in one of the infinity pools we listed below.

Best Infinity Pools in Cebu

So in case you want to know where you can have a cool swimming pool experience, make sure to add these infinity resorts to your Cebu trip list!

Here’s a photo of Rancho Cancio on Instagram by @firstof_april


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Rancho Cancio

This is an exclusive resort located in Brgy. Adlaon in Cebu City. Ensure to do prior bookings before visiting the site as they are not accepting walk-in guests.

Here’s a photo of Terracotta De Manor Mountain Resort on Instagram by @maryglythloie


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Terracotta De Manor Mountain Resort

This resort in Bonbon, Cebu City is a must-visit tourist spot because of its infinity pool facing the stunning view of the wild forest and high mountains.

Here’s a photo of Lava Mountain Farm Resort on Instagram by @thon_vergara


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Lava Mountain Farm Resort

This spot is more of a green and wooden place. It’s like the infinity pools are embedded in the wilderness just to give the guests a full nature experience.

Here’s a photo of Mountain View Nature’s Park Resort on Instagram by @jedjahman


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Mountain View Nature’s Park Resort

This is actually one of the top tourist spots in Cebu. One reason why this becomes popular to the public is because of its one-stop-all-shop feature as it serves as a park and resort at the same time. You may do the prior booking or just walk-in to enjoy the best features of this place.

Here’s a photo of Serenity Farm in Busay on Facebook by Serenity Busay

Serenity Farm Resort

This resort situated in Busay houses an infinity pool overlooking to the mountains and hills nearby. One of the best experiences you will get here is being able to watch the sunrise and sunset. As an exclusive resort, you need to book a schedule first as they don’t accept walk-ins.

Here’s a photo of Chateau Blanc on Facebook by Chateau Blanc @CBCebu

Chateau Blanc

This resort is fully developed and equipped with swimming essentials like regular pools and infinity pools facing the beauty of the mountain.

Here’s a photo of Argao Royal Palms on Instagram by @coieventures


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Argao Royal Palms

This is a must-visit place for people who want to feel the breeze of the ocean while swimming in an infinity pool. The view is great as you get to see the endless body of the sea.

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Here’s a photo of Palanas By The Sea on Instagram by @glenducante


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Palanas By The Sea

Another resort located in the corner of the sea is Palanas. The resort has complete swimming essentials like chairs for sunbathing and glow in the dark chairs for night events.

Here’s a photo of Valentina Farm Resort on Instagram by @alnaranjo2


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Valentin Farm Resort

Valentin Farm Resort is just another destination spot built in the middle of the forest to get a great sight of the mountain. This is perfect for relaxing while interacting with nature.

Here’s a photo of Seafari Resort on Instagram by @lostpriiincess


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Seafari Resort

Seafari Resort situated in Tanawan Cebu is a perfect place for weekend getaways and flawless romantic nights. You will surely enjoy your solemn moment as the infinity pool faces the calm sea.

You will never get enough of Cebu if you don’t visit at least some of what’s on this list. Let yourself indulge in seamless moments in this beautiful province!

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