List of Historical Places In Cebu

Looking for something ancient and classic? Do you want to make the most out of your Cebu travel by going to different old but gold places? If yes, this article is just perfect for you! Continue reading the rest of this article to know more about historical places in the province.

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Historical places serve as a memento of the past. Not all places in the world keep establishments with old history as they prefer the modernized society already. The good thing about Cebu is that they preserve classic buildings and let the public enjoy them as long as they are still standing. Also, historical areas act as tourist attractions and it can never be altered since there are still tourists who enjoy old and valuable destinations than the new ones.

List of Must-Visit Historical Places

It is important to know the heritage of a city as it helps understand the culture and history of the place. To enjoy your Cebu trip, here’s the list of historical places you can visit.

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Mactan Shrine

  • This is the ever-popular destination here in Cebu. This has been a famous place since the time when Lapu-Lapu, the former chieftain of Mactan, beat Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer, in this same spot. And in remembrance of the late chieftain, a statue has been built in the area.

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Magellan’s Cross

  • Since we’ve already mentioned Magellan, it’s better to introduce how this person contributed to the history of the country. Magellan first landed in Cebu way back March 1521. He then planted a cross in the spot where he landed and now people called this destination Magellan’s Cross.

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Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino

  • This is the most popular church you could ever visit in Cebu so make sure you don’t miss out on this place! The image of Sto. Nino was first brought here and since then, the church became a destination to local and foreign tourists and devotees. Every January, the Sinulog Festival is being held originating from this church. You can also go to Magellan’s Cross right after visiting this basilica.

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Boljoon’s Heritage Sites

  • Booljoon is considered as a historical town. There are a lot of artifacts and structures that can be found in town including the Nuestra Senora del Patrocino and El Gran Baluarte. This will surely take your time if you are planning to roam around the town for a better history trip.

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Casa Gorordo

  • This Museum is just located in Lopez Jaena Street, which is very accessible to local and foreign tourists. Built in the 1850s, the structure of this building was made out of hardwood and Mactan stone. No wonder the place still stands today despite natural calamities and other happenings that could have destroyed it.

Even after visiting these 5 places, you can still find small areas with history and you will know them just by talking to the locals who have been living them for years. While you are traveling and remembering the past, don’t forget to talk to the locals as they will educate you more with lots of information about the province.

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