Dining Etiquette: Table Manners in Cebu

The province of Cebu is more than just any other province. It is a home of history and it’s a spot where tourism meets a significant part of the country. Before you decide to come here, be sure that you know the table manners especially when you eat at the local’s home. It would be perfect to try eating at Cebu homes other than the fine dining restaurants here. Nevertheless, you should have the idea of what composes the Cebu meals and how do you react when you’re waiting for the food to be served.

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If you’re coming from Europe or Japan, for example, the table manners in Cebu is more relaxed. The only thing that will challenge you is the unique concept of meals. Since the Philippines is a part of Asia, you should expect that locals eat rice every time they are having their meals. It’s already a part of the set up that can never be taken out. Even during breakfast, rice is always present. Here are the things about table manners that you should be aware of when in Cebu.

Cebu Table Manners

Most Common Etiquettes in Cebu

Meals are served at the same time

  • In Cebu, meals are being served all at the same time. Even desserts are lined up on top of the table so the person who finishes first can get a taste of it after the main meal. Unlike any other countries that serve meal after meal, it’s a lot different here so don’t get yourself overwhelmed with food.

Alcohol is not served during the meal

  • Cebuanos are beer drinkers, no doubt about it. But as part of the table manner, alcohols are not served during meals. Locals usually eat first before drinking alcoholic drinks due to the belief that it’s best to drink with a full stomach.

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Dried fish is the best for breakfast

  • Aside from bacon, eggs, and hotdogs, dried fish are common during Cebuano breakfast. It’s one of the most unique things about Cebu.

Spoon and fork are the main utensils

  • Spoon and fork are the utensils you will commonly spot on every Cebuano table. You won’t get to see knives since fork is enough to cut meats for locals.

Eating food with a hand or hands is common

  • This is something Filipinos are famous about. Locals are comfortable eating with their bare hands. If you want to try this, just make sure to do a lot of hand washing,

Everything you will find about Cebu is fun and interesting. Whether it’s the main dish of Cebuano or how they eat their food, you will surely get along with them if you’re not too picky. Cebu is made for people who want to do extraordinary things and eat unique food. Don’t miss out the great things here in this beautiful province.

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