Gerrys grill

List of Gerry’s Grill Branches and Locations in Cebu

Gerry's Grill is a popular restaurant chain in the Philippines that offers affordable Filipino dishes. The first Gerry's Grill branch opened in Tomas Morato,...

Burritos and Mexican Food Bites at Ceburrito

We went on another food trip adventure and decided to visit Ceburrito's, a mini restaurant featuring burritos, tacos, and merienda food located in Mandaue...

List of Silogan Ni Gian Branches in Cebu

Pocket-friendly meal options are constantly sought-after by many Filipinos. Silogan ni Gian is the answer to this need. This eatery is one of the...

Nespresso Boutique Cafe Opens in Ayala Center Cebu

If you are a coffee lover it's time to brew your cup of coffee with Nespresso. The first ever Nespresso Boutique in Cebu is...
best samgyupsal near me cebu

15 Best Unlimited Samgyupsal (Korean BBQ Restaurants) in Cebu

Samgyupsal is a type of Korean barbecue that is made with pork belly. The pork belly is marinated in a special sauce and then...
Amigos Food Corner

Dine-in at Amigos Food Corner in Guadalupe

Hello Cebuanos! We'll have another food adventure here at Amigos Food Corner located in M. Velez Street, Guadalupe. This is an all-around food restaurant...
Paku Meals

Enjoy Unlimited Chicken Wings, Rice and Fries at PAKU by Chef Binux

Howdy! We are in for another food-trip in Cebu! People who reside here are known to be a foodie. That's why we would like...