5 Budget-Friendly Accommodation in Cebu for Travelers

Are you travelling to Cebu and need a cheap place to stay? There are always places in Cebu where you can stay a night or two without having to pay an expensive price. If you’re looking for budget-friendly hotels, pension houses, guesthouses, and inns in the province, this list will help you find one.

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Being a tourist doesn’t always have to be costly. Sometimes, you just need to plan your budget and look for alternatives so you can get the best deals and offers at a certain place. For instance, you know for sure that accommodation might be the most expensive spending you will ever have.

cheap accommodations in cebu for travellers

So in order to maximize your budget, you need to look for an affordable place where you can stay. To help you out with your budget planning, here are the top 5 cheapest accommodations in Cebu for travelers like you.

1. Sugbutel Family Hotel

This hotel is located in Don Alfredo D. Gothong Centre in Cebu City. There are options for dormitory-style bunkbeds that fit solo travelers. There are also options for rooms. This seems to be the cheapest option for short-stays, so far.

2. Tr3ats Guest House

In Rama Avenue, Cebu City you will find the affordable villa where the price starts at P300 per night of stay. This place is close to supermarkets and different food stores so you won’t have to worry about your basic needs. It’s perfect for a short stay since the rooms are small and there’s much space for a common area.


3. Travelbee Capitol Inn Cebu

Situated in Capitol Site, Cebu City is an affordable and clean inn called the TravelBee Capitol Inn Cebu. For as low as 600 pesos per night, you will find this place suitable for your temporary housing needs. If you want a cheap inn with good hotel service, check out this place.

4. Sampaguita Suites

The Sampaguita Suites have different branches. One is in the JRG Building in Gen. Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City and one is in Plaza Garcia Building in Magallanes St, Cebu City. The lowest price starts at 698 pesos per night. The suite is very accessible to travelers coming outside Cebu City.

sampaguita suites cebu
Image Credit: sampaguitasuites.com

5. Robe’s Pension House

Robe’s Pension House can offer you accommodation for as low as 700 pesos per night. You can find this located at 41R Landon St. Cor. Don Pedro Cui Street in Cebu City. If you will come from tourist places outside the city, you can access this accommodation without hassle.

robes pension house cebu
Image Credit: robespensionhouse.com

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The affordable hotels and inns in Cebu are not limited to what’s on this list. The price may vary from time to time so you better check out with the customer service if you are planning to check-in in any of those accommodations.

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