Best Weekend Activities in Cebu

People all over the world usually look for fun stuff to do. Some would even cross to another country just to experience the excitement of a tropical place. If you’re one of the people who love to explore tropical islands, Cebu in the Philippines should top your list. Whether you’re looking for a short or long stay, there will always be perfect places where you can stay in Cebu.

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For those who have limited time and only have the weekends to enjoy such a vacation, there are weekend activities you can do in Cebu without spending too much. This article will help you determine the possible adventures you can do in this province and will somehow help you prepare your brave hearts as some will require extreme actions so you can enjoy them.

Plan Your Weekend With these Extraordinary Activities

So in case you have limited time cause you just want a weekend activity as you have to report to work on a Monday, or if you’re thinking of a day trip for your travel buddies, here’s a list of cool things to do over the weekend in Cebu.

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Island Hopping

  • Cebu is known for its enchanting islands and beaches. It’s like you’re seeing islands within an island because Cebu is actually an island province already. To maximize your 2-day vacation, don’t miss out on the beaches that are visited mostly by tourists by doing the island hopping. With this activity, you will get to see how beautiful each place is. Some good islands you will encounter include Hilutungan Looms and Nalusuan Island.

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  • Are you a professional diver or just new to this activity? Cebu got something fun for you! Yes, you can experience diving with your 2-day vacation. But before trying out any dive shop in the province, make sure the place is accredited by the Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving for safer adventure. Since those who own a resort in Cebu can build up their own dive shop anytime, not all of them are safe for tourists.

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  • What’s a Cebu experience without sightseeing? This activity can always be partnered with others on this list. One good example is while you’re at the beach. Savor the sight of the sea as you walk on the white sand shore. It’s really worth the while to do 2 things at the same time.

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Trekking and Rock Climbing

  • If you get used to beach bumming and the sea, there’s an option to climb the high peaks and mountains in the province. Although a bit tiring if you’re new to this activity, this is such an extraordinary moment since you will not only have time with nature but great views above the city as well.

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  • Shopping can be done at any point in time, be it after swimming or trekking. It’s a therapy for every tourist especially if you came from a tiring adventure. Don’t forget to check out the latest deals and discounts every mall has in the province.

Now that you have the list of things you can do on your weekend trip to Cebu, pack up your things and keep the excitement as you are about to explore one of the best islands in the Philippines.

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