nustar resort and casino in srp cebu

NUSTAR Resort and Casino Cebu: What to Expect

NUSTAR Resort and Casino Cebu is the luxurious, 5-star integrated resort in the Philippines, Cebu's premier is a 5-star destination that redefines luxury with...
Weekend Activities You Can Do in Cebu

Best Weekend Activities in Cebu

People all over the world usually look for fun stuff to do. Some would even cross to another country just to experience the excitement...

Top 10 Tourist Spots in Cebu

Cebu has always been the main place here in the Philippines that caught the eyes of foreign and domestic travelers. Your Philippine travel trip...
cebu kawasan falls

5 Reasons Why Cebu is a Must Visit Place

Thinking of going to Cebu for a visit but still doubtful about it? We are here to help you find out why Cebu is...
Collage Cebu Free Parks

List of Free Parks to Visit in Cebu

Touring around Cebu doesn’t have to be so costly. Tourists don’t always have a large amount of vacation budget but that’s not a thing...
Cebu Souvenir Shops

List of Souvenir Shops in Cebu

Cebu is a great home of beautiful beaches and the great-tasting Lechon in the country. But aside from those things, did you know that...
Cebu Infinity Pools

Top 10 Infinity Pools in Cebu

Cebu is a total package of tourist destinations. Be it beaches, historical sites, or resorts, you don’t need to go outside this stunning province...