Types Of Valid IDs You Can Get In Cebu

If you’re in Cebu and you don’t have any documents for identification, there are several identification cards that you can obtain by applying in different government offices and agencies. This article will tell you the types of valid IDs you can need for your every day life in Cebu.

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Did you know that identification cards are very important for your everyday living? Without a single ID, you can’t do transactions such as opening a bank account, getting money from remittance centers, or even to get another set of valid ID. In the Philippines, if you don’t have any proof of identity, you can’t simply go in at government offices without bringing a valid document. For the complete list of Valid IDs,  we’ve made a list for you.


List of Valid IDs Acceptable In Cebu and Other Parts Of The Country

  • Philippine Passport – a powerful identification document used when traveling in and outside the country. Private and public sector companies accept passports for transactions that needed IDs.
  • Driver’s License – this ID comes with three levels: student permit, non-professional, and professional license. The last two levels can be used as a Valid ID.
  • SSS UMID Card – UMID or the Unified Multipurpose ID is already a 4-in-1 identification as it is used to represent GSIS, Philhealth, and Pa-ibig IDs.
  • Philheath ID – this is used for claiming your health benefits whenever you are hospitalized. Without this ID, you can’t avail the benefits you’re entitled to.
  • TIN Card – before you can get your TIN ID, you need to have your TIN number.
  • Voter’s ID – you can get this valid ID if you are a registered voter. However, you still have to wait for 2-3 years before you can own one.
  • PRC ID – this ID can be obtained by licensed professionals such as doctors, dentists, engineers, architects, etc.
  • Postal ID – this is the easiest to obtain but you have to own at least 2 valid IDs from above before you can apply for postal.
  • Senior Citizen ID – this is for the people of age 60 and above. You will be able to get discounts in restaurants, pharmacies, and other establishments if you have this.
  • OFW ID – this is for overseas Filipino workers working abroad.
  • NBI Clearance
  • NSO/PSA Birth Certificate
  • Police Clearance

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Obtaining at least 3 of what’s listed above is already enough for your everyday transactions. We recommend you get your Philippine passport, SSS UMID, and TIN Card as these 3 are the most powerful and useful among all other IDs. Some of this, such as the birth certificate, NBI Clearance, and Police Clearance, serve as secondary IDs only but you can still use them to get the other ID types. It’s normal for these identification cards to have expiry dates and you will have to renew every time the date expires.

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