List of Things to Do after Sinulog Festival

Sinulog is one of the things that makes Cebu famous to local and foreign travelers. This celebration signifies the period when Sto. Nino was brought in the province by Ferdinand Magellan. Since then, it became the resident’s habit to make big feasts in order to commemorate the important part of Cebu’s history. If you’re in Cebu for this, expect more activities to do and more fun and thrill to experience.

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Cebu has never failed anyone when it comes to interactive celebrations. In fact, people keep on coming back because they like how this province gives unforgettable moments. Locals are so hospitable and friendly to expat visitors that you wouldn’t feel you’re in a different country.

What To Do During Sinulog Festival

So to spice up your vacation during the Sinulog season, here are exciting activities you can do during the event.

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Fluvial Parade and Holy Procession

During the Sinulog Festival, you can join the Fluvial parade where devotees brave the Mactan channel waters to show their sanctity to its patron saint. The parade usually happens at 6 AM in the morning followed by a holy procession at 2 PM. The time in between is enough for you to do other things on this list.

Take your Relative’s Invitation

Since it’s going to be a lively celebration, locals wouldn’t mind cooking different dishes for visitors, family, and relatives. If you have relatives in the province, you can go to their homes and try the local food instead of your typical restaurant menu. And don’t forget to take a bite of Cebu’s famous Lechon!

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Go on a Food Trip

If you have no acquaintances around, there are different food stalls and local restaurants that will give you the best taste of Cebu. Don’t hesitate to try the street food you will see around as they come at cheap prices but still taste better than those you will find in other stores.

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Don’t miss out the Grand Parade kick-off

This serves as the finale of the event. This is where participants show their skills in dancing while wearing colorful costumes inspired by Sto. Nino. The parade, which is normally a street dance, starts at 8:30 AM and the showdown at 4 PM.

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Experience Nightlife in Cebu.

The celebration doesn’t end after the grand finale. It’s followed by night parties where you can drink and watch live bands as they serenade the hearts of the locals. It’s always better to end the day with chill drinks while making a good conversation with your local friends in Cebu.

Celebrating a big feast in the Philippines has always been exciting and fulfilling. Events like this bring out the most hospitable character of every Filipino. Whether you come from the opposite region of the country or from a very far nation, you are always welcome to celebrate the Sinulog festival in Cebu.

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