7 Must-Visit Natural Springs in Cebu

Cebu is not just a bustling metropolis with a rich history. It also boasts several breathtaking natural wonders, including its springs. These crystal-clear waters...
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Kawasan Falls Travel Guide

One of the popular natural attractions that Cebu has to offer is the famous Kawasan Falls located in Badian, south of the city. The...
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Tuyom by Hostel Seven: Embrace Paradise at Lambug Beach, Badian

Lambug Beach, situated in the captivating town of Badian in Cebu, Philippines, is a slice of paradise that enchants visitors with its white-pristine sands,...
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Best Weekend Activities in Cebu

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Malapascua Island Travel Guide

Five hours away from the city of Cebu lies a haven for scuba divers - Malapascua Island. For years now, sightings of Thresher sharks...
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List of the Best Dive Shops In Cebu

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