Applying for Special Work Permit for Artists & Athletes: Here’s How

In an increasingly interconnected world, the significance of temporary work permits cannot be overstated. Specifically designed for athletes and artists, these specialized permits facilitate seamless work and performance opportunities in foreign countries. These permits are applicable to entertainers, performers, and athletes with engagements lasting no longer than six months.

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This approach serves as a remarkable platform for industry professionals to showcase their talents, while immersing themselves in new cultures and gaining invaluable experiences. It fosters a welcoming environment that benefits all parties involved, enabling local communities to appreciate and embrace the diverse talents of artists and athletes from around the globe.


Advantages of Special Work Permit for Artists & Athletes

Special Work Permit for Artists & Athletes offers several advantages:

  1. Flexibility: Artists and athletes can work in different countries without the need for a regular work visa. This allows them to pursue their careers internationally and take advantage of various opportunities.
  2. Simplified Process: The permit streamlines the process for artists and athletes to obtain legal authorization to work in a foreign country. It reduces bureaucratic hurdles and ensures a smoother transition for performers and sports professionals.
  3. Recognition: The permit acknowledges the unique talents and contributions of artists and athletes. It provides them with a special status that recognizes their skills and allows them to showcase their abilities on a global platform.
  4. Networking and Exposure: Working in different countries allows artists and athletes to connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds. They can collaborate with international peers, learn new techniques, and gain exposure to different audiences, leading to personal and professional growth.
  5. Cultural Exchange: By working in different countries, artists and athletes contribute to cultural exchange. They bring their art forms, performances, and sports to new audiences, promoting diversity and cross-cultural understanding.

The Special Work Permit for Artists & Athletes offers numerous advantages that enable these individuals to pursue their passions, expand their horizons, and contribute to the global artistic and athletic communities.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • Temporary visitors who will be pursuing their respective professions as athletes, artists, entertainers, and performers, with engagements lasting less than six (6) months.

Where to submit the Permit Application?

  • The application can be submitted at the Bureau of Immigration Main Office located at Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines 1002.

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What are the Requirements Needed?

Items to Prepare:

a. Comprehensive checklist of all the required documents.

Please carefully review the General Instructions provided above before proceeding with the completion of the required documentary requirements. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Write a letter addressed to the Commissioner on behalf of the petitioning company/promoter/organizer. Include the following information:

a. Name/s of the performing foreign artist/s or athlete/s, including members of the production crew, training staff, and other personnel involved in the event/competition.

b. Itinerary and scheduled events where the foreign artist/s or athlete/s will perform.

c. An undertaking to withhold and remit to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) the taxes due on all income of the applicant.

  1. Complete the CGAF (Client General Application Form) for Work Permit.
  2. Provide a photocopy of the applicant’s passport showing the bio-page and the latest admission with valid authorized stay, if already in the country.
  3. Obtain endorsements from the following authorities:

a. For concerts and performances:

i. Asosasyon ng Musikong Pilipino (AMP) for musicians or Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit (OPM) for singers.

ii. Filipino Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (FILSCAP) for public musical performances (concerts) of copyrighted works.

b. For athletes, trainers, coaches, and participants:

i. Philippine Sports Commission.

ii. Philippine Olympic Committee.

iii. PBA, PBL, and other recognized sports organizations.

c. For religious preachers, obtain endorsement from any of the following:

CBCP, PCEC, INC., JIL, and other religious sects.

  1. The petitioning company must provide a sworn certification stating that the SWP (Special Work Permit) application is the applicant’s first or extension SWP application (whichever is applicable). Additionally, it should confirm that the applicant will work exclusively for the petitioning company in the position stated in the SWP application. You can download a template of this certification from the Bureau of Immigration website.
  2. Include a photocopy of the Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) card or proof of TIN (e.g., BIR Form 1901, 1904, AEP with TIN).
  3. Obtain a BI Clearance Certificate.

Please ensure that all the required documents are properly prepared and submitted as per the above instructions.

b. Filled out application form.



c. Any additional information regarding the applicant’s children, if necessary.



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Application Process: Step-by-Step Guide

To apply, follow these steps:

Step 1: Obtain the CGAF form either from the Public Information and Assistance Unit (PIAU) at the BI G/F Main Office or from the official BI Website.

Step 2: Submit the necessary documents for pre-screening to the Central Receiving Unit (CRU) or to the frontline officer or staff of other Immigration Offices authorized to process this transaction.

Step 3: Obtain the Order of Payment Slip (OPS).

Step 4: Pay the required fees.

Step 5: Submit a copy of the Official Receipt.

Step 6: Claim the approved SWP by presenting a photocopy of the receipt after 2 to 3 days.

Note: Make sure to follow all the procedures properly to avoid any delays and ensure a successful application.

How much does the permit cost?

The cost is Php 6,440.00.

Note: Fees are current as of 06 March 2014 are subject to change without prior notice.

Work Permit

Tips for a Seamless Application for Special Work Permit – Artists & Athletes

  1. Familiarize yourself with the requirements: Understand the specific requirements and qualifications for the special work permit you are applying for. This will help you gather all the necessary documents and information.
  2. Prepare your application documents: Make sure to have all the required documents ready, such as your passport, work contract, and any other supporting documents that may be needed.
  3. Follow the application process: Carefully follow the instructions provided by the relevant authorities for submitting your application. Pay attention to deadlines and any additional requirements.
  4. Seek professional assistance if needed: If you are unsure about any aspect of the application process, consider seeking guidance from a professional who is experienced in handling work permit applications.
  5. Double-check your application: Before submitting your application, review all the documents and information to ensure accuracy and completeness. Any errors or missing information could delay the processing of your application.
  6. Stay updated: Keep yourself informed about any changes or updates regarding the special work permit application process. This will help you stay prepared and avoid any potential issues.



Temporary work permits for artists and athletes unlock a world of opportunities in an interconnected globe. These specialized permits not only facilitate seamless work experiences in foreign lands but also ignite a vibrant exchange of cultures and personal development. By streamlining procedures and acknowledging exceptional talents, artists and athletes can unleash their abilities on a global stage, connecting with diverse professionals along the way. The Special Work Permit for Artists & Athletes empowers individuals to chase their passions, broaden their horizons, and leave an indelible mark on the global artistic and athletic communities.

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