How to Renew LTO Motor Vehicle Registration

Renewing your motor vehicle registration may appear as a formidable task, but it is an essential one to ensure the roadworthiness of your motor vehicle. If you are wondering who is eligible to avail of the renewal of motor vehicle registration, the answer is straightforward – motor vehicle owners. Whether you are renewing your motor vehicle registration for personal or commercial use, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is the designated agency responsible for this process.

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The LTO mandates an annual registration renewal, and failure to comply may result in penalties and fines. By keeping your paperwork up to date through the renewal of your motor vehicle registration, you can also save yourself time and potential troubles in the future. Therefore, if you own a motor vehicle, do not hesitate to take advantage of the LTO’s renewal services.


Advantages of Renewing Your Motor Vehicle Registration

Renewing your motor vehicle registration is a great way to avoid being caught off guard and incurring additional fees. As the owner of a vehicle, you must be aware of the deadlines for renewing your registration.

  1. Avoiding Late Fees: Renewing your motor vehicle registration on time helps you avoid incurring additional late fees.
  2. Uninterrupted Vehicle Use: Keeping your registration up to date ensures uninterrupted use of your vehicle without any legal issues.
  3. Compliance with the Law: Renewing your registration demonstrates your compliance with the legal requirements of owning a vehicle.
  4. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your vehicle registration is current gives you peace of mind while driving.
  5. Insurance Coverage: Many insurance companies require valid registration, so renewing your registration helps maintain your insurance coverage.
  6. Smoother Transactions: Having a current registration makes any future transactions related to your vehicle, such as selling or transferring ownership, smoother and easier.
  7. Avoiding Penalties: Failure to renew your registration can lead to penalties and fines imposed by the authorities.
  8. Access to Services: Some services and benefits, such as parking permits or toll discounts, require a valid vehicle registration.
  9. Proof of Ownership: A current registration serves as proof that you are the legal owner of the vehicle.
  10. Supporting Infrastructure: Registering your vehicle helps support the maintenance and development of transportation infrastructure in your area.

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Individuals who own motor vehicles.


  • Provide a copy of the LTO and electronically transmitted valid insurance Certificate of Cover (Third Party Liability).
  • Submit the duly accomplished Original Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR).
  • Present the original Certificate of Emission Compliance (CEC).

Additional Requirements

a. Tax Exempt

  • Original Endorsement with control number
  • Other Exempt Vehicle (OEV) within Special Economic Zones
  • Original Certification confirming the continued classification of the Motor Vehicle as an Other Exempt Vehicle (OEV)

b. For Hire

  • The LTFRB has duly received the electronically transmitted franchise confirmation (for motor vehicles) or provisional authority (PA), along with the official receipt (OR), and the petition for extension of validity.
  • Please provide one (1) certified copy of the valid Motorized Tricycle Operator’s Permit (MTOP), along with the official receipt, for verification.

c. Stolen and Recovered

To facilitate the process, please ensure that you have the following documents:

  • The original presentation of the Lifting of General Alarm, along with a photocopy.
  • The original presentation of the Report of Recovery, along with a photocopy.
  • The original presentation of the Alarm Sheet, along with a photocopy.
  • Either the original PNP Crime Laboratory (macro etching report) or National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) report. This report should provide full identification of the motor vehicle and detail any tampering done on the engine or chassis, if applicable.
  • The original Certificate of re-stamping, if the engine or chassis has been tampered with.

d. Storage Reactivation

To reactivate storage, please ensure the following documents are prepared:

  • Provide a copy of the appropriate insurance Certificate of Cover (COC), which should be transmitted electronically and stored as an LTO Copy.
  • Submit the duly accomplished Original Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR).
  • Present the Original Certificate of Emission Compliance (CEC).
  • Furnish the Original Receipt of Return Plate and Licenses (RRPL).
  • If the vehicle is for hire, please provide electronic confirmation of a valid franchise or PA (Public Utility Vehicle Authorization) or an extension of validity. Alternatively, if it is a Motorized Tricycle, submit the Motorized Tricycle Operator’s Permit (MTOP) along with the valid Official Receipt (OR).

Make sure to have all the required documents before beginning the renewal process to ensure a smooth and trouble-free experience.

Application Process

Renewing your motor vehicle registration is a straightforward process that takes only a few steps.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Submit requirements

Step 2: Proceed to the Cashier for payment of fees and receive an Official Receipt (OR)

Step 3: Present the OR and receive the sticker.

NOTE: Have all the necessary documents ready beforehand. Failure to comply may lead to additional fees or complications in the renewal process.

Where to Renew Vehicle Registration

  1. New Registration Units for both Regional Offices (ROs) and authorized LTO District Offices (DOs) / Extension Offices (EOs).
  2. Diliman District Office handles exempt Motor Vehicles (MVs), MVs under bond, and MVs under written commitment.
  3. LTO SBMA Extension Office handles Used Imported vehicles from Subic Freeport.

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Helpful Tips

Renewing your motor vehicle registration can be simple if you make sure to plan ahead and follow these steps.

  1. Check the expiration date: Make sure to know when your motor vehicle registration expires to avoid any penalties or fines.
  2. Gather necessary documents: Prepare all the required documents, such as proof of insurance, identification, and vehicle inspection records, before heading to the renewal office.
  3. Visit the renewal office early: If you need to visit the renewal office in person, try to go early in the day to avoid long wait times.
  4. Bring payment: Make sure to bring the necessary payment, whether it’s cash or card, to complete the registration renewal process.
  5. Double-check the information: Before submitting your renewal application, review all the information for accuracy to avoid any issues or delays.
  6. Keep a copy of the receipt: After completing the renewal process, keep a copy of the receipt or confirmation as proof of registration until you receive your new documents.




If you’re a motor vehicle owner in the Philippines, it’s important to keep your registration up to date. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) requires every vehicle to undergo a renewal process, and it’s essential to comply with this regulation to avoid penalties or fines. Thankfully, the renewal process isn’t complicated at all.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to be an expert to do it yourself. Just follow the steps carefully, and you’ll be able to renew your registration in no time. Remember, the consequences of not renewing your motor vehicle registration could be costly, so keep your registration up to date!

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