Philhealth Benefits, Requirements, and Application Process in Cebu

The saying “health is wealth” should never lose its significance in this society. We should instill in ourselves the value of having a health insurance as part of our monthly expenses. After all, if we become ill, costs of regular check-ups and hospitalization is quite expensive. Philhealth is one of the government programs that helps subsidize costs when we may need to undergo medical procedures and check-ups. The good part is Philhealth in the Philippines is open for everyone (except for expats) whether you are employed or self-employed.

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If you’re currently in Cebu and you want to process your Philhealth as soon as possible for whatever purpose like employment, don’t worry because we’ve done the research for you. This article will help you know what are the required documents when applying, the application process itself and the benefits you could get for having this membership. To start with, here’s the list of requirements you need to secure first.

Philhealth Insurance Cebu

Requirements To Apply For Philhealth Membership

If you are unemployed, self-employed, or employed, here are the requirements you need to get a Philhealth membership.

  • Philhealth Membership Registration Form (completely filled out)
  • NSO/PSA authenticated birth certificate (bring the original and photocopies)
  • Valid or supporting IDs
  • Photocopy of birth certificate or supporting documents of your beneficiaries
  • Photocopy of Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) for foreign nationals

If you are an OFW, here are your requirements:

  • Philhealth Membership Registration Form (completely filled out)
  • Photocopy of birth certificate or supporting documents of your beneficiaries
  • Proof that you are an active OFW.

How to Apply for a Philhealth Membership

  • Secure all the required documents (please see above list).
  • Go to the nearest branch of Philhealth in your area. Here’s the list of some Philhealth branches in Cebu:
    • Gorordo Ave, Cebu City | (032)-233-3270
    • 41F Ramos St, Cebu City
    • Toledo Manipis Rd, Talisay City Cebu
    • Cebu Business Park, Ayala Center Cebu | (032)-233-3270
    • Robinsons Fuente Bldg., Fuente Osmena Cir St. Cebu City | (032)-233-3270
    • Lopez Jaena St. Mandaue City | (0906)-822-9177 | (032)-505-2194
    • Rizal St. Danao City | (032)-200-3827
  • Get your number from the security guard and the application form.
  • Wait for your number to be called then go to the designated counter.
  • Wait for the personnel to process your application.
  • At the end of the process, you will have a copy of your application form bearing your Philhealth number.

Benefits Of Philhealth Membership

  • Outpatient Benefits – you can use your membership to pay for outpatient services
  • Tamang Serbisyo para sa Kalusugan ng Pamilya (TSeKaP) – you can use your membership to avail services like consultations, counseling, blood pressure checkups, and other medical analysis.
  • Mother and Child Benefits – you can use your membership to partially pay for your delivery and prenatal care.
  • Z Benefits – this is for those people with type Z – diseases such as breast cancer, leukemia, kidney transplant, etc.
  • Philhealth’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG) – this is for the people who are suffering from HIV, AIDS, malaria, etc.

This membership will surely serve you a lot of purposes. Always pay attention to your health. One way you can get partial security of your health expenses is through getting your Philhealth membership.

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