How to Set up a Mobile Data Plan in Cebu

Mobile data packages seem to be less important if you’re living a simple life in the center of a great island. However, even if you are living in a tropical place like Cebu and you are working at home or you need access to the internet, you will need a stable internet connection or at least a connection that will grant you access no matter where you go. You will have great options to help you decide on your mobile data.

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According to the recent report from the International Data Corporation, Philippines is one of the fastest-growing industry in terms of the smartphone in the whole Southeast Asia region. About 40 million users are using smartphones, which is evidence that people are continuously adapting to the modern environment and advancing technology. Who would not want to experience a very convenient way to access the internet, right? And for the people who want to get a stable mobile data package, this article is right just for you!

Cebu Mobile Networks

Requirements To Apply For A Postpaid Plan

Before you apply for a postpaid plan in Cebu, secure the following documents:

  • Proof of identity – it can be 2 valid IDs (SSS ID, Passport, Driver’s License, UMID, Postal ID, or PRC ID)
  • Proof of billing address – this is to document your current address. It can be your utility bills, proof of shipping, credit card bill, bank statement, or club membership bill.
  • Proof of income – this can be your certificate of employment, last three months of payslip, latest ITR, bank certificate of deposits, bank statement of account, and any document with evidence that you’re getting your income regularly.
  • Your contact information – ensure that you have your own personal mobile number because this can be used for verification purposes. Also, you might want to prepare the contacts of your character reference as these are needed as well.

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What Are The Factors To Consider When Applying For A Plan?

  • Your income – it is essential that you consider your income before you push through with your plan. This is so you can assess yourself whether you can really pay for it monthly. Don’t try to apply for a plan if you have current debts that will drain your wallet.
  • The price of the plan you’re planning to get – it is important that you consider the price of the plan as well. After determining that you still have an extra budget for this, the next thing to do is to look for the package that suits your budget. Don’t get a plan that you can’t pay!
  • Plan provider – you have to choose the plan package provider that will give you the services you need here in Cebu. There are 3 most used networks you can choose from Globe, Sun, and Smart.

When applying for a plan, always consider your financial capacity as this is for sure another factor that will add up to your expenses. If you think you don’t have the capability to pay for it yet, it’s better if you will switch to prepaid services.

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