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Filipino Food Trip in Cebu

Is it your first time here in the Philippines and want to visit Cebu first? Don’t worry because your first step on the country’s land will make you taste the best food the Philippines has in store for you! And if you’re a local trying to look for a good menu in this province, this beautiful island will surely never fail your taste buds.

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It’s a common thing for people to find the best food, especially the locals of the Philippines. Everywhere you go, you would want to taste something that would somehow take away the tiredness you’re feeling after a high climb, a long beach walk, or an extreme dive. In Cebu, there are various dishes waiting for you. It’s recommended that you taste all that’s on this list to spice up your Cebu trip. Here’s the major Cebuano cuisine you shouldn’t miss out.

Common Food Prepared in Cebu

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This is the ever famous dish of Filipinos. In Cebu, you can always find this at small eateries in town or restaurants within the malls. But for you to enjoy this food, you should try cooking it at home or at the place where you’re staying. All you need is tamarind powder or the natural one for the best sour taste, pork, fish, or chicken, chili, and veggies like kangkong (swamp cabbage), okra (gumbo), and tomatoes.

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The cooking style is just like Sinigang but the ingredients differ. You can also use pork, fish, or chicken as the main meat. Most vegetables used for tinola include ginger (which gives the unique flavor), garlic, and kamunggay (Cebuano basil leaves).

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If you think vegetables are boring, Ginisa will prove you otherwise. Veggies such as swamp cabbage, bamboo shoots, string beans, and bean sprouts are the main ingredients of this dish. All of this will be submerged in soy sauce and vinegar together with onions and garlic for a better taste.

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Fish is mostly used to make kinilaw. If translated in English, this may be known as salad but with a unique style. Vinegar, chili, and coconut milk bring the best flavor of this food.

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Inun Unan

Another dish made of fish is Inun Unan. The best tasting flavor is brought by vinegar and lots of garlic. If you haven’t tried this yet, better have your experience eating this as you won’t be able to get this from other parts of the Philippines.

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Kanding Kaldereta

Kanding kaldereta, also known as goat stew, is Cebu’s specialty aside from its best tasting lechon. The best kaldereta is spicy and saucy.

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Beer and Sisig

You can’t have your good vacation without beer and sisig in Cebu, This is typically available in beach resorts to give you the extra chill vibe during the night at the beach.

Good food doesn’t have to be expensive. You just have to find a place where you can get that unique taste you’re looking for.

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