List of Subdivisions in Minglanilla, Cebu

Are you looking for a home in Minglanilla, Cebu and don’t know where to start? Look no further! In this post, we’ll explore the different subdivisions that are located in this charming town. With an abundance of affordable housing options, you can find the perfect spot to call your own without breaking the bank. So, come along as we take a look at each subdivision and what makes them so special.

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Minglanilla, Cebu is quickly becoming a sought-after destination for property seekers in the Philippines, particularly those in search of well-designed subdivisions. The town’s safe, quiet and friendly environment, coupled with its strategic location near the bustling cities of Cebu and Talisay, make it an ideal place to call home. Subdivisions in Minglanilla offer well-planned communities that cater to the needs of modern-day living.


Facebook Image: B Martinez RamiloThese include beautifully constructed houses, top-notch facilities such as swimming pools and gyms, and 24/7 security. From affordable townhouse to beautiful , spacious villas, subdivisions in Minglanilla have something to offer for everyone’s budget and taste. Whether you are a first-time buyer, an investor or simply in search of a peaceful and comfortable home, Minglanilla’s subdivisions will undoubtedly impress.

Why Choose Minglanilla’s Subdivisions

1. Safe and Secure Neighborhood: Subdivisions in Minglanilla are highly secure with 24/7 security guards monitoring the premises, making it ideal for raising children or living peacefully during retirement years.

2. Quality Infrastructure: The well-planned infrastructure of these subdivisions ensure that all homes are connected to the necessary utilities such as electricity, water and cable.

3. Accessible Amenities: The majority of subdivisions in Minglanilla come with complete amenities such as swimming pools, basketball courts, playgrounds, parks and other recreational areas.

4. Affordable Prices: Subdivisions in Minglanilla offer a wide range of affordable housing options to meet any budget.

5. Convenience: Minglanilla is conveniently located near popular tourist destinations, shopping areas, schools and hospitals.


List of Subdivisions in Minglanilla, Cebu

We have compiled a list of some of the most popular subdivisions in Minglanilla, Cebu for you to explore.

Velmiro Heights Subdivision
Address: Abuno Road, Tunghaan, Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu
Phone: 0917 628 8779

Springwoods Subdivision
Address: 6QRR+FM3, Upper, Minglanilla, Cebu

Mimosa Subdivision
Address: 7Q4X+QWC, Minglanilla, Cebu

Belmont Village Subdivision
Address: 7R35+973, Cebu S Rd, Pakigne, Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu

Villa Feliza Subdivision
Address: Minglanilla, Cebu

Holy Family Subdivision
Address: 6RW3+G3X, Minglanilla, Cebu

Carmenville Subdivision
Address: 6QQG+7XV, South Road, Tunghaan, Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu

Sierra Point Subdivision
Address: 6QXR+9VG, Sierra Point Subdivision, Minglanilla, Cebu

Modena Homes Subdivision
Address: 1004 Estaka, Minglanilla, Cebu

Villa Celina 2B Subdivision
Address: 6RW5+XPW, Minglanilla, Cebu

Luana Dos Subdivision
Address: 7Q4X+59X, Minglanilla, Cebu

Velmiro Heights Subdivision
Address: San Vicente Upper Tunghaan, 6046, Minglanilla, Cebu

Hacienda San Agustin Subdivision
Address: Lower, Hacienda San Agustin Rd, Minglanilla, Cebu

Villa Purita Subdivision
Address: 7R52+3PR, Minglanilla, Cebu

Greenville Circle Subdivision
Address: 7R22+2P3, Minglanilla, Cebu

Modena Subdivision
Address: 6QVG+3XF, Estaka, Tungko, Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu

La Bienvenida subdivision
Address: 6QMP+J4R, Minglanilla, Cebu

Monte Carlo Subdivision
Address: 7Q3V+VCX, Minglanilla, Cebu

Paseo Delino Subdivision
Address: Sitio Tingkuro, Minglanilla, Cebu

Villa Evita Subdivision
Address: Sandayong, Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu
Phone: 0923 114 3618

Address: Upper, Sandayong, Minglanilla, Cebu

Fonte di Versailles
Address: Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu

La Ashira Subdivision
Address: 7R77+VFJ, Upper Linao, Minglanilla, Cebu

Richwood Homes Minglanilla
Address: 7R42+58R, Minglanilla, Cebu
Phone: 0917 883 3983

Kahale Residences
Address: Estaka, Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu
Phone: 0917 721 3574

Mañacap Realty Subdivision
Address: 7Q2C+79W, Abuno, Minglanilla, Cebu

Anita Subdivision
Address: 7R42+7XJ, Spring Village Rd, Upper Parigne, Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu
Phone: (032) 511 8474

Mimosa Minglanilla
Address: Mimosa Pakigne, Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu
Phone: (032) 266 6190

Kamalaya II Residences
Address: Abuno, Minglanilla, Cebu
Phone: (032) 238 4797

Deca Homes Phase IV
Address: 6RR5+FG7, Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu

South City Homes Minglanilla
Address: 6QQJ+9R4, Tungkop Rd, Minglanilla, Cebu
Phone: 0916 320 3383

Softouch Subdivision (Anami South)
Address: 7R22+7CX, Minglanilla, Cebu
Phone: 0917 677 7608

Luana Homes
Address: 7R23+53M, Minglanilla, Cebu

Vel Pal Estates
Address: 7R34+M42, Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu

Address: 6RX4+FRX Lower, Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu

Alleyna Homes
Address: 253 Lower, Sandayong, Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu
Phone: 0936 948 2325

La Villa Estrellita
Address: 7R27+G65, Lower Lipata, Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu

Modena Townhouse
Address: 6QVH+23F, Estaka, Minglanilla, Cebu
Phone: 0922 745 2369

Garden Bloom South
Address: 7R42+5WP, Spring Village Rd, Minglanilla, Cebu
Phone: 0925 550 6688

Almaville The Home
Address: 7R66+R89, Sandayong, Upata, Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu

Things to Consider When Buying a Property

Before investing your money into buying property, it’s important to consider a few things.

1. Determine your budget: This is the most important factor as it will help you narrow down your choices and make sure you’re not overspending.

2. Research the area: Make sure to research the different types of subdivisions, their location and what amenities they offer. Check out the crime rate in the area to ensure your safety.

3. Look at different properties: Before making a decision, take time to look around and compare different properties. This will help you find something that fits your needs perfectly.

4. Hire an agent: If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s best to hire a real estate agent to help you out. An experienced agent will be able to guide and advise you throughout the entire process.

5. Read the contract: Before signing any document, make sure to read it carefully. Don’t sign any contracts without fully understanding them.

By considering these factors and researching more about the available subdivisions in Minglanilla, Cebu, you will be able to make an informed decision when buying a property. With careful planning and research, you can find the perfect subdivision for your needs.


Minglanilla, Cebu is home to a variety of subdivisions ranging from budget-friendly options to luxurious properties. Whether you’re looking for a single-family home or an apartment complex, Minglanilla has something to offer. Before investing in any subdivision, make sure to research the area and consider all factors before making a decision. With careful planning and research, you can find the best subdivision for your needs.

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