List of Subdivisions in Talisay City, Cebu

Are you looking for an ideal place to live in Cebu? You’ll be delighted to know that Talisay City has a lot of housing subdivisions that would fit your lifestyle. This list will help guide you in choosing the interesting subdivision that best fits your budget and needs. Read on to learn more about some of Talisay City’s finest residential offerings.

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Talisay City is a beautiful place to call home, and its abundance of subdivisions makes it easy to find the perfect fit for any family. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious and modern estate or a quaint and charming community, there’s something for everyone in this city. Some of the subdivisions here offer amenities like swimming pools, playgrounds, and even gated security for added peace of mind. Plus, many of them are located near schools, shopping centers, and other conveniences, making everything you need just a short drive away. It’s no wonder Talisay City has become such a popular choice for families looking for a comfortable and convenient place to live.

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Reasons to Choose a Subdivision in Talisay City

1. Security: Most subdivisions in Talisay City offer gated security, giving you the peace of mind that your family and property are safe.

2. Affordability: Many of the subdivisions here are quite affordable, making it easy to find one that fits your budget and lifestyle.

3. Location: Many subdivisions are located near major highways, schools, and shopping centers, so you don’t have to drive too far for what you need.

4. Amenities: Most residential subdivisions in Talisay City offer amenities like playgrounds, swimming pools, and more for your convenience and enjoyment.

5. Peace and Quiet: Most subdivisions are away from the hustle and bustle of city life, so you can enjoy a peaceful living experience.

Now that you’re more familiar with some of the subdivisions in Talisay City, it’s time to start exploring and see which one is right for you.

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List of Subdivision Communities in Talisay City, Cebu

Here are the list of subdivisions you can check out in Talisay City:

Villa Donna Subdivision
Address: 6RPJ+PCF, Talisay, Cebu

Elkwood Homes Subdivision
Address: Antuwanga, Talisay, Cebu
Phone: 0917 327 5091

Puerto Del Sol Subdivision
Address: Zone 1 Unnamed Rd, Talisay, 6045 Cebu

Seaview Heights Subdivision
Address: 7R6F+72R, Talisay, Cebu
Phone: 0917 885 8812

UC Homes Subdivision
Address: 6RRF+W3M, Sitio Cainta Rd, Pooc, Talisay, Cebu

Corona Del Mar Subdivision
Address: 6RQ8+8MH, Talisay, Cebu

Woodway Townhomes
Address: 6RVF+8PM, Talisay, 6045 Cebu
Phone: (032) 505 3499

Preciousville Subdivision
Address: 7RFH+837, Talisay, Cebu
Phone: (032) 350 8242

Southwinds Subdivision
Address: 7V42+75P, R, Rafael Rabaya Rd, Talisay, Cebu

Remville Subdivision
Address: 7V23+8RF, Talisay, Cebu

Sto. Niño Heights Subdivision
Address: 7RF7+F4H, Maghaway Rd, Talisay, Cebu
Phone: 2311661

William Lines Subdivision
Address: 7V52+Q7P, Talisay, Cebu

Serenis Subdivision
Address: 2021 Mohon Rd, Talisay, Cebu

Palm River Subdivision Phase 2
Address: 6RVM+7FF, Burgos St, Talisay, Cebu

South Glendale Subdivision
Address: San Isidro Rd, Talisay, 6045

Tuastumban Subdivision – Bulacao Talisay
Address: 7R9R+R5G New Frontier Village, Talisay, Cebu

Vista Grande Subdivision
Address: Rio de Janeiro St, Talisay, Cebu
Phone: 0918 547 9018

Raphael Homes
Address: 6RRH+VM8, Central Biasong, Talisay, Cebu

The Heights Subdivision
Address: 7R87+VFF, Antipolo, Maghaway Rd, Talisay, Lalawigan ng Cebu
Phone: 0917 310 0002

Deca Homes Baywalk Talisay Phase 2
Address: 6RPP+CM7, Tres Aliños, Talisay, Cebu

Villa Solana Subdivision
Address: 6RVC+3RP, Sitio Cainta Rd, Talisay, 6045 Cebu
Phone: (032) 505 5001

Tali Plains Subdivision
Address: 7R6X+7F9, Dawis Rd, Talisay, Cebu

Sernis South Subdivision
Address: 6RXF+27R, Sitio Libo Rd, Talisay, Cebu

Kingswood Subdivision
Address: 333 Kingswood, Talisay, Cebu

Santa Catalina Subdivision
Address: Arceo Residence, Santa Catlina Subdivision, Ilang-Ilang, Talisay, 6045 Cebu
Phone: 0916 443 0312

Tiara Del Sur Subdivision
Address: 7V62+5C2, Dawis Rd, Talisay, 6045 Cebu

Lovely Homes Subdivision
Address: 536 Mohon Rd, Talisay, Cebu

Lovely Homes Subdivision 1
Address: 7R8R+XRP, Maharlika Rd, Talisay, Cebu

Southgate Subdivision
Address: 7RCW+5GJ, Espiritu, Talisay, 6045 Cebu

Velpal 1 Subdivision
Address: 1316 Cebu S Rd, Talisay, Cebu

Green Meadows Subdivision
Address: 176 Rafael Rabaya Rd, Talisay, Cebu

ReubenVille Subdivision
Address: 825-823 Central Biasong, Talisay, Cebu

Countryside Homes
Address: 7R7H+83F, Camella Road, Talisay, 6045 Cebu

South City Homes (M & E)
Address: 7R3W+X98, Uldog, Cansojong, Talisay, 6045 Cebu

Bayswater Talisay
Address: 6RWH+857, Burgos St, Talisay, Cebu
Phone: (032) 349 3577

Serenis South Subdivision
Address: Serenis South Subdivision, Sitio Libo Rd, Talisay, 6045 Cebu

Southgate Subdivision
Address: 7RCW+2G5, Unnamed Road, Talisay, Cebu

Happy Homes Subdivision
Address: 7R8Q+HM6, Molave Ext St, Talisay, Cebu

Galang Subdivision
Address: 7R4X+X94, Talisay, Cebu

Lemonville Subdivision
Address: 7R4X+F4C, Talisay, Cebu

Friendly Homes Subdivision
Address: 7R7W+X66, Bo, Talisay, Cebu

Saint Lourdes Subdivision
Address: 6RWG+X27, Mohon Rd, Talisay, Cebu

Camella Homes Talisay Lawaan
Address: 7R7F+V2M, Baronesa, Talisay, Cebu

Villa Lucita Subdivision
Address: 7R4W+PFV, Talisay, Cebu

Plain Ville Subdivision
Address: 7V72+494, Dawis Rd, Talisay, 6045 Cebu

Maglasang Subdivision
Address: 7V23+CGF, Barangay, Talisay

Address: 7R89+49M, bougainvillea subdivision, Talisay

San Josemaria Village
Address: 7RFC+JCJ, Maghaway Rd, Talisay, Cebu

Malibu Residences
Address: 6RRH+4M4, Central Biasong, Talisay, Cebu
Phone: 0939 457 2113

Tierra Grande
Address: Lawa-an 1 Brillo St, Talisay, 6045 Cebu
Phone: 0942 020 5628

BIHAI Subdivision
Address: 7V54+CH2, BIHAI Subdivision, Purok Sineguelas, Laray, Talisay, Cebu

Sta. Maria Heights Subdivision
Address: 7RJ8+XWH, Maghaway Rd, Talisay, Cebu

Peaceville Subdivision
Address: San Isidro Road, Talisay, Cebu

Palm River Subdivision
Address: Palm River Subdivision, Talisay, Cebu

DECA Homes Baywalk Phase 3
Address: Deca Homes Phase 3, Talisay, 6045 Cebu

Rustyville Subdivision
Address: Rustyville Subdivision, Upper Kabanayan, Talisay, Cebu

Jamestown Subdivision
Address: 7V73+638, Talisay, Cebu

Alberlyn Box Hill Residences
Address: Talisay, Cebu
Phone: 0917 309 6303

Villa Plantana
Address: 6RWC+WQQ, Unnamed Road, Talisay, Cebu

Escala at Corona del Mar by Filinvest
Address: Pooc Gymnasium, Talisay, Cebu
Phone: 0917 545 7788

GBC Subdivision
Address: 7RFW+44P, Talisay, Cebu

Azienda Firenze
Address: 7R99+XX3, Talisay, Cebu
Phone: 0936 113 2977

Sta. Catalina Subdivision
Address: Phase 2 Sta. Catalina, Subdivision, Barangay, Talisay, Cebu

Raphael Homes 1
Address: 591 Maghaway Rd, Talisay, Cebu

Graceville Homes
Address: 6RVQ+M7R, Off, San Isidro Road, Talisay, Lalawigan ng Cebu

Deca Homes Baywalk Talisay Phase 1
Address: Baywalk Deca Phase1, Shark St, Talisay, 6045 Cebu
Phone: 0916 391 2138

Florida County Subdivision
Address: 6RVR+24W Florida County Subdivision, Talisay, Cebu

Rustville Subdivision
Address: 7VF2+392, Talisay, Cebu

Upper Seaview Heights
Address: 7R7F+HG4, Talisay, Cebu

South Covina
Address: 6RQV+M56, Talisay, Cebu

Recoletos Ville
Address: 7V23+FR4, Unnamed Road, Talisay, Cebu

West Box Hill Residences
Address: 6RX9+VJ8, Talisay, Cebu

Bougainvillea Village
Address: 7R78+QXV, Bougainvillea Village, Talisay

Alayon Cresmer Homes
Address: 7V25+PFV, Alayon Cresmer Homes, Kimba, Talisay, Cebu

Things to Consider When Buying a Property

Before investing your money into buying property, it’s important to consider a few things.

1. Determine your budget: This is the most important factor as it will help you narrow down your choices and make sure you’re not overspending.

2. Research the area: Make sure to research the different types of subdivisions, their location and what amenities they offer. Check out the crime rate in the area to ensure your safety.

3. Look at different properties: Before making a decision, take time to look around and compare different properties. This will help you find something that fits your needs perfectly.

4. Hire an agent: If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s best to hire a real estate agent to help you out. An experienced agent will be able to guide and advise you throughout the entire process.

5. Read the contract: Before signing any document, make sure to read it carefully. Don’t sign any contracts without fully understanding them.

By considering these factors, you can be sure to make a wise and informed decision when it comes to buying property in Talisay City, Cebu. With the right research and guidance, you will be able to find the perfect subdivision for your family’s needs.


The city of Talisay has a variety of subdivisions to choose from, each one offering different amenities and features. Whether you’re looking for a secure residential area or an up-and-coming neighbourhood, there is sure to be something that fits your needs. With the above list and tips in mind, you will be able to find the perfect property in Talisay City, Cebu.

Thank you for reading! We hope this article has been helpful and informative. Good luck with finding your dream home!

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