St. Vincent General Hospital Cebu Maternity Package

Giving birth is not an easy feat– St. Vincent General Hospital in Cebu knows this first hand, as thousands of women come through the maternity ward each year. For months, pregnant women endure numerous changes to their bodies, preparing for a daunting and physically strenuous experience that may even bring danger.

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Although St. Vincent General Hospital staff provides any support these women need, they understand the difficulty of the process and work diligently to make sure all birthing mothers can get through it safely and with assurance.

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Healthcare professionals are trained to coach, encourage and comfort their patients during labor so that their childbirth journey is as smooth as possible. Through St. Vincent General Hospital in Cebu, expecting mothers are surrounded by people who care deeply about helping them give life to new little ones – what a precious gift!

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St. Vincent General Hospital Maternity Package

Just like other hospitals, St. Vincent General Hospital in Cebu offers Maternity packages for expecting moms. A maternity package is a package offered to reduce the overall cost of maternity-related services and fees. The hospital offers packages for normal and uncomplicated delivery only. As of the moment, they don’t offer a maternity package for Caesarean delivery but they are already considering it.

For more information about St. Vincent General Hospital’s Maternity Package, all you have to do is contact the hospital, and a staff member can lead you through the process and explain what services are covered by it. They also have highly-trained staff who are ready to guide your labor and delivery and help you have a safe and comfortable experience. The cost of the Maternity Package varies depending on each case, so make sure to discuss your specific needs with a hospital representative before deciding on it.

  • Saint Vincent’s Delivery Room
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  • Saint Vincent’s NICU
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Requirements of the Maternity Package

If you are interested in availing of the Maternity Package at St. Vincent General Hospital, certain requirements must be met first.

1. Four (4) Weeks up to 28 weeks of gestational age are accepted.

2. 18 years old to 40 years old.

3. Laboratory and other tests (Tests must be done in Saint Vincent General Hospital). These test includes:

  • Blood Typing
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Urinalysis U/A
  • HBsAg at 4 months
  • Pap Smear upon enrollment
  • HIV Screening (Quantitative)

4. Negative result of RT-PCR test is required starting 37 weeks AOG and during admission (5 days result in validity).

5. Pre-enrollment form.

Maternity Package Inclusions

St. Vincent General Hospital’s Maternity Package includes several services. Here are some of them:

  1. Prenatal
  2. OB Fee
  3. Dietary Consultation
  4. Two (2) days stay in a private room
  5. Delivery Room Fee
  6. Basic medicines, supplies, and procedures
  7. 1st Postnatal OB Consultation of mother

Please note that the cost may vary from case to case basis. Now that you have an idea on how to avail of St. Vincent General Hospital’s Maternity Package, you can start checking into the hospital and preparing for your birthing journey. Having peace of mind during this special time is very important – so make sure to inquire about the package and all its services before deciding. With a little help from St. Vincent General Hospital in Cebu and its maternity package, you can be sure that your childbirth experience will be as comfortable and safe as possible.

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Tips on What to do during labor

What are the things to be done while in labor? Here are some tips that will help you prepare for this special event.

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Signs of Labor

Some of the first time mother may not be sure when labor starts. Here are some of the signs to look out for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that people ask about St. Vincent General Hospital’s Maternity Package:

1. How much is the cost of the package?

A: As per their guidelines, the maternity package for normal and uncomplicated delivery is 28,500Php. The given amount is also subject to change depending on the case. Thus, if you are considering St. Vincent General Hospital for your childbirth needs and want to avail of their Maternity Package, make sure that you inquire about it to ensure that all your needs will be met. With enough knowledge and preparation, you can have a safe and comfortable experience.

2. Is it possible to get a discount?

A: You may inquire with the hospital directly regarding special discounts and other offers.

3. Does St Vincent offers an RT-PCR test?

A: Yes, St. Vincent General Hospital offers RT-PCR tests. An RT-PCR test or Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction is a laboratory technique combining reverse transcription of RNA into DNA and amplification of specific DNA targets using polymerase chain reaction. It is primarily used to measure the amount of a specific RNA. Get yourself tested with Saint Vincent’s more affordable RT-PCR test and get your result within 24-48 hours.

4. How much is the RT-PCR package at St. Vincent?

A: The RT-PCR test is at 3,704.40Php and this can be avail for walk-in and home service. You may walk in or book an appointment at 238-0000 local 110/113 or 0943-138-9502.

5. What are the payment options for the maternity package?

A: The hospital accepts cash, checks, credit cards, Gcash, Paymaya, and other modes of payment. They also offer installment plans for those who need to spread out their payments.


St. Vincent General Hospital in Cebu is a popular spot to begin family celebrations. Many mothers walk through its doors each day, feeling joy and anticipation as they approach the happiest moment in their lives: giving birth. Words are not enough to express what going through childbirth feels like; it has to be experienced firsthand. It’s a powerful mix of exhaustion, love, happiness, and hope all rolled into one unforgettable event. Witnessing the miracle of life is an incomparable experience that unites families in the most special way possible. St. Vincent General Hospital helps make this memorable milestone happen for expecting parents of Cebu – one birth at a time!

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