Kawasan Falls Travel Guide

One of the popular natural attractions that Cebu has to offer is the famous Kawasan Falls located in Badian, south of the city. The falls offer a turquoise blue water scenery which is perfect for those who need a quick relaxation away from the city. In fact, many tourists flock the area on a daily basis given the booming tourism industry of the city.

What you can expect: It is a three-tiered waterfall that is situated in Barangay Matutinao, Badian, Cebu. The said falls is connected to the Matutinao River System which bears the cleanest inland water in the Philippines. The first falls is the bigger one, the second being the medium-sized and lastly, the third being the smallest and hardest to get to.

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Cebu Kawasan Waterfalls Travel Guide

Cebu brags its most famous waterfalls from all over the Philippines – the Kawasan Falls. You can definitely have a great time visiting Kawasan Falls. Travelers can embark on a bamboo raft and enjoy a relaxing neck massage through the pouring water of the falls. On the other hand, canyoneering is also a go-to by the tourists, both foreign and local. Canyoneering would cost you 1, 500 to 1, 700 pesos.


At a separate entrance, the canyoneering starting point is situated and it can be reached through a motorbike. Many activities can be done while canyoneering. You can jump off a cliff which is around 10 meters high.

How to get to Kawasan Falls

From the city proper, you can ride a bus in South Bus Terminal which would cost you 120 pesos per person. Remember to ask the driver to drop you in Matutinao Badian Church. Usually, buses with signs such as “Bus Bato via Barili” are the ones that lead to Kawasan Falls.

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How long is the entire travel time from Cebu to Kawasan?

Going forth would take you around 4 to 5 hours from the city proper by bus. You can also hire a van at the South Terminal station.

You will pass by many small provinces. At the bus stop, a 20 to 30-minute walk is needed for you to get to Kawasan Falls. There is a sign that says “This Way to Kawasan Falls”. You can opt to hire a local tourist guide if you want to help the locals. Although tiring to think, fresh air and the natural scenery will make you enjoy the walk.

How much is the entrance fee?

The entrance fee would only cost you 10 pesos per person.

What are the available facilities?

Stores are available in the area but some goods are overpriced. Bringing a bottle of water is very much suggested. A toilet is also available near the church situated at the top of the waterfalls. The toilet would cost you 5 pesos. Restaurants inside the place also cook Cebuano delicacies.

Tables for rent inside would cost you 300 pesos. If you are bringing a car with you, a parking area is available at 50 pesos. Cottages cost around 1, 500 to 2, 500 pesos per night. If you are looking for a room, it would cost 1, 000 to 1, 500 per night.

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When is the best time to visit Kawasan Falls?

Fog would meet you when you go there in early morning. At 9 in the morning, the fog vanishes and the scenery can now be enjoyed.

How to avoid the crowd?

If you plan on reaching Kawasan Falls and avoiding the crowds, the best way is to beat it so to go on a weekday or in the early morning. People usually pack and arrive at noon time.

Videos: Kawasan Falls and Canyoneering in Badian

Here are some videos from YouTube where vloggers and travel bloggers have uploaded their adventures canyoneering in Badian and having fun in Kawasan Falls.


Google Map Location: Kawasan, Badian, Cebu

Here’s a Google map guide on how to get to Kawasan falls:

Cebu brags its most famous waterfalls from all over the Philippines – the Kawasan Falls.

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