Everything You Need to Know About the TESDA Online Program

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Online Program is a free platform for Filipinos to learn various skills and acquire certifications from the comforts of their own home. With over 20 courses available, individuals can choose from fields such as Information and Communication Technology, Tourism, and Maritime.

The program also offers livelihood training and entrepreneurship courses to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their businesses. Through this initiative, TESDA hopes to provide Filipinos with accessible education and enhance their career opportunities. Best of all, there are no age limits or educational requirements to enroll in the TESDA Online Program. Start learning today and open up a world of opportunities.

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List of TESDA Online Program

Here is a list of courses available through the TESDA Online Program:

21st Century Skills

  • Communication
  • Environmental Literacy
  • Digital Literacy
  • Language Literacy


  • Agro-Entrepreneurship NC II
  • Aquaponic Food Production
  • Organic Agriculture Production NC II
  • Agricultural Crops Production NC II
  • Fruit Growing

Automotive and Land Transport

  • Automotive Short Courses’


Plumbing NC II

Photovoltaic Systems Installation NC II

Electrical and Electronics

  • Computer System Servicing NC II
  • Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II
  • Renewable/Alternative Energy


  • Start and Improve Your Business

FREE Courses Relevant to COVID-19 Management

  • Contact-tracing FREE Coursera course
  • COVID-19: How to put on and remove personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Learning Online during COVID-19
  • Managing TVET during COVID-19

Gender and Development (GAD)

  • Working in a Gender-Diverse Environment
  • Conducting Gender Analysis, Mainstreaming, and Planning and Budgeting

Heating, Ventilating, Airconditioning and Refrigeration Technology

  • Refrigeration and Airconditioning Servicing (DOMRAC)

Human Health/ Health Care

  • Barangay Health Services NC II
  • Massage Therapy NC II
  • Caregiving (Elderly) NC II
  • Contact Tracing Level II
  • Barangay Infectious Disease Management Services Level II
  • Practicing COVID-19 Preventive Measures in the Workplace

Information and Communication Technology

  • SMART ICT Courses
  • Microsoft Online Courses
  • Udemy Courses

Lifelong Learning Skills

  • Skills to Succeed Academy
  • Financial Literacy


  • Ships’ Catering

Process Food and Beverages

  • Food Processing NC II

Social, Community Development and Others

  • Beauty Care
  • Domestic Work NC II


  • Bread and Pastry Production NC II
  • Cookery NC II
  • Food and Beverage Services NC II
  • Front Office Services NC II
  • Housekeeping NC II


  • Trainers Methodology I
  • Trainers Methodology II

TESDA Capability Building Programs for TESDA Employees

  • National Institute for Technical Education and Skills Development
  • Capability-building Program (CBP) for the Implementation of the Area-based and Demand-driven TVET
  • Regional/Institutional LMS Administration Training Program

TOP Courses with Accessibility Features

  • Bread and Pastry Production NC II
  • Food Processing NC II

International Labour Organization (ILO) Online Courses

  • Job Readiness Courses (New)
  • STEM in TVET Workshop

These are just some of the courses available in the TESDA Online Program. With more than 400 hours of learning material across all fields, you can be sure to find something that suits your interests and enhance your knowledge and skill set.

Discover Learning through the TESDA Online Program

Learning has never been as accessible as it is now with the advent of the internet. Thanks to online education programs like TESDA, which provides free and quality education to Filipinos. TESDA’s online program has been helping millions of Filipinos make their dreams a reality through online learning.

What is TESDA Online Program?

TESDA Online Program is an innovative mode of delivering technical education and skills development services to learners. The program is made available through the Internet, which eliminates the need to go to traditional classrooms. The online courses are designed to be self-paced, so students can learn at their own pace without compromising their schedules. The TESDA online program covers a wide range of courses and training programs such as ICT, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Health, Tourism, and Technical-Vocational.

Benefits of TESDA Online Program

One of the benefits of the TESDA online program is it offers free education to Filipinos. It eliminates the need for students to pay for tuition fees, books, and other material expenses. Another advantage of the program is that it provides an accessible education to anyone with internet access, regardless of their location. The program is also self-paced, so students can learn at their own pace, allowing them to manage their time effectively. Furthermore, the certification given by TESDA after the completion of the program is recognized both locally and internationally.

Requirements for TESDA Online Program

The TESDA online program is open to all Filipinos who are interested in learning new skills and knowledge. Students need to have a computer, laptop, or smartphone, and an internet connection to access the courses. They also need to create a TESDA account to enrol in the program. Once enrolled, students will be given an access code that they can use to log in to the courses and training programs.

TESDA Online Program is an excellent opportunity for Filipinos to learn and develop their skills without paying tuition fees and attending physical classes. The program meets the needs of individuals who want to learn at their own pace and are restricted by their schedules.


The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Online Program is a game-changing platform that makes quality education accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This online platform is designed to provide free training and certification programs to Filipinos who are seeking to acquire new skills or further develop their existing skills. Whether you’re a working professional or a student, TESDA’s online programs offer a flexible and convenient way of learning. The program is making a massive impact in transforming the lives of Filipinos for the better, and it’s worth checking out.

Contact Information

Address: Archbishop Reyes Avenue corner Salinas Drive, Lahug 6000 Cebu City, Philippines
Website: http://www.tesda.gov.ph/
Email Address: region7@tesda.gov.ph
Phone Number: (032) 345 1768
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TESDARegionVII
Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM (Monday – Sunday)

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