How to Apply for Special Study Permit (SSP) Philippines

The Special Study Permit (SSP) is a document issued to foreign nationals below the age of 18 and/or those enrolled in non-degree courses in the Philippines for a duration of less than 1 year. It is an essential document that allows foreign students to pursue their education in the country while complying with the immigration regulations.

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It is important to note that the SSP is not a visa, but rather a permit that is granted under the Temporary Visitor’s Visa of the foreign national. This means that while the SSP enables foreign students to study in the Philippines, they still need to have a valid visitor’s visa for their stay.

Special Study Permit

The SSP serves as proof of the student’s legal status in the country and is crucial for their enrollment in educational institutions. It ensures that the students can fully engage in their academic pursuits and benefit from the diverse learning opportunities available in the Philippines.

Who is eligible to apply?

Foreign nationals who are not eligible for a Student Visa can still apply for a special study permit.

Where to Submit the Application?

  • Bureau of Immigration Main Office
  • Other Immigration Offices
Please click HERE for the list of authorized offices that are capable of processing the transaction.

What are the Requirements Needed?

Please review the following checklist of documentary requirements for obtaining a Special Study Permit (SSP). Before proceeding with the completion of the necessary documents, it is important to carefully read the General Instructions provided above.

a. A comprehensive checklist of all required documents.

  1. A letter of request addressed to the Commissioner, submitted by the representative of the petitioning school.
  2. A duly accomplished CGAF for Student Visa and Special Study Permit. If the applicant is a minor, the form should be signed by their parent or legal guardian.
  3. A photocopy of the passport bio-page and the most recent admission record, indicating a valid authorized stay.
  4. A Certificate of Acceptance issued by the learning institution accredited by the Bureau of Immigration, specifying the duration of the technical/vocational, special, primary, or secondary level courses for applicants below 18 years old.
  5. A photocopy of the BI school accreditation ID of the registrar or the school representative.
  6. A National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance, required for flying schools.
  7. A BI Clearance Certificate.

b. The Completed Application Form



c. Any additional information regarding the applicant’s children (if necessary).



Please ensure that all the necessary documents are provided as per the checklist mentioned above.

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Application Process: Step-by-Step Guide

To apply, follow these steps:

Step 1: Obtain the CGAF either from the Public Information and Assistance Unit (PIAU) at BI G/F Main Office or from the official BI Website.

Step 2: Submit the necessary documents for pre-screening to the Central Receiving Unit (CRU) or to the frontline officer or staff of other Immigration Offices authorized to process this transaction.

Step 3: Acquire the Order of Payment Slip (OPS).

Step 4: Pay the required fees.

Step 5: Submit a copy of the Official Receipt.

Step 6: Refer to the Official Receipt for the hearing schedule and venue, as well as Image and Fingerprint Capturing details.

Step 7: For extension applications, the biometric data previously captured during the visa conversion will be used for the printing of the renewed ACR I-Card. However, applicants aged ten (10) years and below are required to have their image and fingerprint captured during each visa extension. Applicants aged eleven (11) years and above should have their image and fingerprint captured every five (5) years.

Step 8: Proceed to the Image and Fingerprint Capturing Counter of the Alien Registration Division (ARD) and submit the necessary requirements for ACR I-Card application.

Step 9: Once approved, claim the SSP and ACR I-Card.

Application Process

Make sure to follow these steps to avoid delays in the processing of your Special Study Permit.

How Much is the Cost?

  • Application Fee – PHP 2,000.00
  • Implementation Fee – PHP 1,000.00
  • Service Fee – PHP 200.00
  • Certificate Fee – PHP 500.00
  • Legal Research Fee (LRF) for each immigration fee except Head Tax and Fines – PHP 40.00
  • Express Fee (Certification) – PHP 500.00
  • Express Fee (Filing) – PHP 500.00
  • Express Fee (I-Card Processing) – PHP 500.00

TOTAL: PHP 5,240.00

Additional I-card fee (based on current exchange rate) – $50.00

7 Tips for a Convenient and Successful Special Study Permit Application

  1. Start early: Begin the special study permit application process as soon as possible to allow ample time for gathering necessary documents and completing requirements.
  2. Research requirements: Familiarize yourself with the specific requirements and guidelines for the special study permit application. This will help ensure that you submit all the necessary documents and information accurately.
  3. Prepare supporting documents: Gather all the required supporting documents, such as proof of enrollment, financial statements, and identification documents. Make sure they are complete and up-to-date.
  4. Follow the application instructions: Carefully read and follow the instructions provided in the application form. Double-check all the information before submitting to avoid any mistakes or omissions.
  5. Seek guidance if needed: If you have any questions or uncertainties about the application process, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from the appropriate authorities or consult with professionals experienced in handling special study permit applications.
  6. Keep track of deadlines: Stay aware of the application deadlines and make sure to submit your application ahead of time to avoid any last-minute rush or complications.
  7. Stay organized: Keep all your documents and application materials organized in a secure and easily accessible manner. This will help ensure a smooth and convenient application process.


The Study Permit (SSP) is a document issued to foreign nationals below the age of 18 and/or those enrolled in non-degree courses in the Philippines for less than 1 year. It’s a way for foreign students to pursue education in compliance with immigration regulations.

Remember, the SSP is not a visa, but it’s super important for enrollment in educational institutions as proof of your legal status. To get your SSP and Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) I-Card, you’ll need to submit the necessary documents, pay the required fees, and follow the application process.

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