How to Register Your Motor Vehicle in LTO: Requirements and Process

When it comes to the initial registration of a motor vehicle, only a select group of individuals or entities are eligible to avail of the service. This includes accredited importers and dealers, as well as motor vehicle owners. These individuals or businesses can proceed with the initial registration process through the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

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As one of the government agencies responsible for regulating and managing transportation-related services in the Philippines, the LTO ensures that the initial registration process for motor vehicles is carried out smoothly and efficiently. So whether you’re an importer, dealer, or owner of a motor vehicle, you can trust that the LTO will assist you in fulfilling your registration requirements.


Advantages of Initial Registration of Motor Vehicle

By registering your moto vehicle under the LTO’s jurisdiction, you can enjoy a number of benefits such as:

  1. Legal compliance: Registering your motor vehicle ensures that you are abiding by the law and meeting all necessary requirements.
  2. Ownership proof: Registration provides official documentation that establishes your ownership of the vehicle.
  3. Identification: Registration plates and documents help in identifying your vehicle in case of theft or other incidents.
  4. Road safety: Registered vehicles undergo regular inspections and checks, promoting safer driving conditions for everyone.
  5. Access to services: Registration allows you to access various services such as insurance, repairs, and maintenance for your vehicle.

The advantages of initial motor vehicle registration cannot be overstated. It guarantees that your vehicle is up-to-date with all requirements and regulations, and even helps you save money in the long run.



  1. Accredited importers
  2. Dealers
  3. Motor vehicle owners


To complete your transaction, please ensure that you have the following documents:

  • Original sales invoice
  • Original or electronically transmitted Certificate of Cover (Third Party Liability) from the appropriate insurance provider
  • Original Motor Vehicle (MV) Clearance Certificate and Special Bank Receipt (SBR) issued by the Philippine National Police – Highway Patrol Group (PNPHPG)
  • Original Certificate of Stock Reported (CSR)
  • Payment Reference Number (if payment is made through e-PAT)

a. New motorcycle with sidecar (TC)

The owner and mechanic have executed an original Affidavit of Attachment for the sidecar, which includes the date of completion, among other details.

b. Tax Exempt Requirements

  • Submit the completed Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR) along with the Certificate of Compliance to Emission Standard (CCES), if the vehicle is a used import.
  • Provide a certified true copy of the Release Certificate for used imported vehicles.
  • Include the DFA Endorsement.

c. Used-Imported | Exempted from EO 156/877-A

To complete your requirements, please provide the following:

  • One (1) photocopy of the Commercial invoice or Certificate of Title. Please ensure that it is translated into English and authenticated by the Embassy.
  • The original duly accomplished Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR) along with the Certificate of Compliance to Emission Standard (CCES).

d. No dollar importation

To facilitate the process of no dollar importation, the following requirements must be met:

  • Provide a photocopy of the commercial invoice or certificate of title issued by the country of origin for the motor vehicle.
  • Submit the original or certified true copy of the authority document under the no dollar importation scheme. If no authority is available, seizure proceedings and a notice of award should be provided.
  • Present the original affidavit of first and last importation.
  • Complete the motor vehicle inspection report (MVIR) and ensure it is accompanied by a certificate of compliance to emission standards (CCES).
  • Include a certified true copy of the release certificate.

By fulfilling these requirements, the no dollar importation process can be carried out smoothly and efficiently.

e. Rebuilt trucks and buses with new or imported engine and/or chassis

  • Provide one (1) photocopy of the Commercial/Sales Invoice from the country of origin.
  • Submit the Original Affidavit of Rebuilt, executed by the accredited rebuilder, which should include the date of completion.
  • Include the Original Certificate of Stock Reported (CSR) for the rebuilt truck/bus.
  • Attach one (1) Certified True Copy of the DTI – FTEB Endorsement.
  • Submit one (1) photocopy of the Certificate of Payment issued for imported parts/components.

f. Motor vehicles acquired through public bidding

  1. One (1) certified true copy of the official receipt as proof of payment for the acquisition cost.
  2. One (1) certified true copy of the notice of award.

Application Process

Step 1: Submits requirements.

Step 2: Proceeds to the Cashier for payment of fees, and receives an Official Receipt (OR).

Step 3: Presents the OR and receives the Certificate of Registration (CR), sticker, plates, and RFID sticker.

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Where to Apply the Motor Vehicle Registration

  1. Registration units for Regional Offices (ROs) and authorized LTO District Offices (DOs) / Extension Offices (EOs) for new registrations.
  2. Diliman District Office for exempt motor vehicles (MVs), MVs under bond, and MVs under written commitment.
  3. LTO SBMA Extension Office for used vehicles imported from Subic Freeport.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to register a motor vehicle for the first time?

A: The initial registration fee is approximately PHP 1,000. In addition to that, there are other fees to consider, including those for the license plate, stickers, tags, and vehicle inspection. The license plate costs around PHP 450, while the stickers and tags are priced at approximately PHP 50 each.

2. Can I register a motor vehicle online?

A: Usually, the LTO process takes a full day to complete, with most of your time spent waiting in line. Luckily, you can now renew your motorcycle/car registration online through the LTMS (Land Transportation Management System) portal.

3. How long does it take to receive the registration documents?

A: The LTO will register the motor vehicle, release the OR/CR, and provide the plate number to the dealer (2-3 days). Then, the dealer will notify the new vehicle owner to claim their OR/CR and license plate (1-2 days).

4. Can I transfer the registration from my old vehicle to a new one?

A: Once you have all the requirements for transferring ownership, you can file a request at the LTO branch where the vehicle is registered. If the CR’s mother file is at the LTO main office in Quezon City, you can transfer the registration at any LTO branch.

5. What happens if I fail to register my motor vehicle on time?

A: Penalties for expired or late car registration can range from PHP 2,000 to a staggering PHP 10,000, and there’s even a risk of having your car impounded.

6. Can I drive a vehicle not registered under my name?

A: Asking this question could lead to a significant penalty of up to PHP 10,000 if you are caught. This fine applies specifically to driving an unregistered vehicle and being apprehended by traffic officials.


The initial registration of motor vehicle is crucial for ensuring compliance with LTO regulations. Accredited importers/dealers and motor vehicle owners are eligible to avail of this process, which streamlines the registration of new or previously unregistered vehicles. By following the LTO’s guidelines and requirements, individuals can accomplish the registration process quickly and efficiently, allowing them to hit the road with their new vehicle. Whether you’re a dealer or a private owner, initial registration is essential for staying legal and getting behind the wheel.

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