List of Oncologists in Cebu City

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer and are looking for an oncologist in Cebu City, finding a reliable specialist can be stressful. The medical team at Cebu Medical Center takes your health and well-being seriously, so we have put together this list of qualified oncologists in the area that are available to help you fight cancer. Read more to learn about these specialists who will help guide you through this challenging journey.

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Cebu City is home to some of the country’s top oncologists, making it a great destination for those looking for superior medical care. These practitioners provide a variety of treatments and services, from chemotherapy and radiation therapy to surgery and social work. Patients can rest assured that they are in good hands with their skilled and passionate clinicians who put their well-being and best interests at the forefront. Those seeking the very best in oncology should look no further than the many oncologists available in Cebu City.


What is an Oncologist?

An oncologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Oncologists use both medical treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, as well as surgical techniques to treat their patients. They also provide counseling to help patients cope with their illness, understand the side effects of treatment, and make decisions about their care.

Why cancer is the leading cause of death in the Philippines

Cancer is the leading cause of death in the Philippines, surpassing cardiovascular diseases, respiratory illnesses and fatalities resulting from infectious diseases. This grim reality has been linked to both environmental factors as well as lifestyle choices such as smoking and poor dieting. In a country where air pollution is becoming increasingly worse and access to healthcare resources remain limited, it’s not hard to imagine how the prevalence of cancer across the nation remains so great.

If the World Health Organization’s findings are any indication, many factors that contribute to rising rates of cancer are challenging existing strategies for prevention, exacerbating the already difficult situation faced by local public health authorities. While there is no easy answer for providing an immediate solution, increased funding for research on effective methods for combating this deadly illness is an essential starting point for Filipinos fighting for more secure and healthier futures.

List of Oncologist in Cebu City

We have compiled the list of some of the best oncologists in Cebu City to help you find the right one for your medical needs.

Dr. Buenaventura Ramos Jr
Address: Department of Oncology, Cebu Doctors University Hospital, Osmeña Blvd, Cebu City, 6000
Phone: (032) 255 2408
Clinic Hours: 9 AM – 2:30 PM (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Dr. Jamela Anne O. Sanchez
Address: 8V5R+XF7, Chong Hua Hospital, Rosal Street, Cebu City, 6000
Phone: (032) 255 8000

Dr. Matthew Yap
Address: 8V7R+MQW, Department of Oncology, Cebu Doctors University Hospital, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City, 6000
Phone: (032) 254 7350

Address: 410, MAB-2, Gov. M. Roa St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: (032) 253 5612

Dr. Ellie May Villegas
Address: 8V6R+6P2, Chong Hua Hospital, Don Mariano Cui Street, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: (032) 255 8000

Arnold John B. Uson, MD
Address: 8V7X+RR6, Perpetual Succour Hospital of Cebu Incorporated, Gorordo Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: (032) 238 2851

Dr. Jamila Marie J. De Veyra
Address: 8V6R+2F3, Chong Hua Hospital, Rosal St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: (032) 255 8000

Dr. Amabelle Trina Gerona
Address: UNiversity of Cebu Medical Center, Mandaue City, Cebu
Phone: 0975 244 9163
Clinic Hours: 8:30 AM – 12 AM (Monday – Friday)

Ellie May B. Villegas, MD@Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital
Address: 198 Gov. M. Roa St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: (032) 253 8190

Dr. Desiree U.Dy-Holaysan, Pedia- Oncologist
Address: Room 313 chong hua medical arts, Cebu City, Cebu
Phone: 0923 429 3226
Clinic Hours: 4 PM – 6 PM (Monday – Friday)
3 PM – 5 PM (Saturday)

Pherdes Galibo, M.D
Address: Chong Hua Hospital, Rosal Street, Cebu City
Phone: (032) 253 3828

Jemela O. Sanchez, MD
Address: 8V7X+QP3, Perpetual Succour Hospital of Cebu Incorporated, Gorordo Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Dr. Osorio-Sanchez, Jemela Anne
Address: Perpetual Succour Hospital, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City, Gorordo Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: (032) 412 2206

Charito C. Uy, MD
Address: 8WW7+J54, Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital, Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu, Cebu City
Phone: (02) 8345 6468

Dr. Lim, Gigi
Address: Gorordo Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: (032) 233 9399

Dr. Cherry Añana – ACE Medical Center Clinic, 4th Flr, Room 424
Address: Natalio B. Bacalso Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: 0928 521 3571
Clinic Hours: 1 PM – 3 PM (Tuesday and Thursday)
12 PM – 2 PM (Saturday)

Aboitiz Eduardo J. Cancer Center
Address: 8WFG+W78, Lopez Jaena Avenue, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: (032) 256 3287

Dr. Noemi Alsay Uy
Address: 8V7R+MPJ, Cebu Doctors Hospital, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: (032) 253 7511

Dr. Co, Ann Manzano
Address: Perpetual Succor Hospital, Gorordo Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: (032) 233 9399

Dr.Braulio Sto.Domingo
Address: Intellmed Inc., Fuente Jones Ave, Cebu City, Cebu
Phone: (032) 253 2373

Dr. Pherdes E. Galbo
Address: 8V7R+QP8, Cebu Doctors University Hospital, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City, 6000
Phone: (032) 255 5555

Marc Denver S. Yray, MD @ Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center
Address: Cebu (Velez) General Hospital, Incorporated, F. Ramos St, Cebu City, Cebu
Phone: (032) 253 1871

Dr. Alex E. Alegrado, MD
Address: Allegiant Regional Care Hospitals, Sitio Malinao Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu
Areas served: Cebu City and nearby areas
Phone: (032) 493 4248
Clinic Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM (Monday – Friday)
8 AM – 12 PM (Saturday)

Rosemarie Suezo, MD@Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Cente
Address: Room 4 Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, B. Rodriguez Street, Cebu City, Cebu
Phone: (032) 253 9882

Dr. Mercader, Evangeline
Address: Chong Hua Hospital, Rosal Street, Cebu City
Phone: (032) 254 0045

Dr. Jerry Tan Chun Bing
Address: 8WR6+JP2, Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, Banilad, Mandaue City, 6014
Phone: (032) 346 9292

Ronald P. Nonato, MD@Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital
Located in: Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital
Address: Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Phone: (032) 255 5555

What are the types of cancer?

1. Carcinoma

This is the most common type of cancer, accounting for more than 80% of all cases. It develops in the cells that line organs and tissues such as the lungs, breasts, colon, skin, and pancreas.

2. Sarcoma

These cancers arise from connective tissue like bone or muscle, often in the arms and legs.

3. Leukemia

This is a type of cancer in which the bone marrow begins to produce too many abnormal white blood cells, leading to overcrowding of healthy cells.

4. Lymphoma

This type of cancer originates from lymphocytes, which are white blood cells that help fight off infections.

5. Central nervous system (CNS) cancers

These cancers develop in the brain and spinal cord, usually from cells that line the fluid-filled areas of these organs.

6. Melanoma

This type of cancer affects the melanocytes, which are responsible for giving skin its color. It is a particularly aggressive form of skin cancer.

7. Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors

These tumors are classified according to the type of cell they originate from, and can range from benign (non-cancerous) to malignant (cancerous).

8. Breast Cancers

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, and affects more than 3 million people each year. It can start in the breast tissue, milk ducts, or lymph nodes.

9. Gastrointestinal Cancers

These cancers affect the digestive tract and include colon, rectal, pancreatic, stomach, and esophageal cancers.

10. Gynecologic Cancers

There are several types of gynecologic cancer, including cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar cancer. These cancers affect the reproductive organs in women.

Ways to prevent cancer

This tips will help you reduce your risk of developing cancer:

1. Don’t smoke or use tobacco products. Avoid exposure to secondhand smoke from other people’s cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.


2. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy foods. Limit your intake of processed food, sugary drinks, red meat, and alcohol.


3. Maintain a healthy weight, and get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.


4. Protect your skin from the sun with clothing, sunglasses and sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Don’t use tanning beds, as they also increase your risk for cancer.

sunglasses and hat

5. Reduce stress levels by practicing relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga, getting enough sleep, and spending time with people who make you feel good.


6. Limit your alcohol intake and don’t use other drugs.

Hand rejecting alcoholic beer beverage concept for alcoholism and addiction

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What qualifications should I look for when selecting an oncologist?

A: When selecting an oncologist, it is important to make sure they are board-certified and have experience treating the type of cancer you or your loved one has. It is also helpful to research a doctor’s background, such as their education, certifications, and patient reviews.

2. What should I bring with me to my oncologist appointment?

A: It is best to bring a list of medications you are currently taking, any recent medical tests or scans that were done, and questions you may have for your doctor. It can be helpful to bring a friend or family member as an extra set of ears to help you remember all the information discussed during your appointment.

3. What should I do if my symptoms worsen after visiting an oncologist?

A: If your symptoms worsen after seeing an oncologist, you should contact the doctor immediately to make sure they are aware of your condition and any changes that may have occurred. It is also important to contact the doctor if you experience any new symptoms or side effects from treatment, as this could be a sign of a complication.

4. Is there an urgent care center for cancer patients in Cebu City?

A: Yes, there is an urgent care center specifically for cancer patients in Cebu City. The center provides 24/7 access to specialized oncology services, allowing you to get the care you need quickly and efficiently.

5. What lifestyle changes should I make when being treated for cancer?

A: When undergoing cancer treatment, it is important to make a few lifestyle changes that may help improve your overall health and well-being. Some of these changes include avoiding alcohol, exercising regularly, getting enough rest and sleep, managing stress, eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and quitting smoking. It is best to speak with your oncologist about any other lifestyle modifications you should make during your treatment.


Cancer has a profound and devastating impact on a person’s life. It can affect every aspect of your physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as have far-reaching implications for those around you. From the moment of diagnosis, cancer affects the lives of patients, their families, and even their friends in many different ways.

This list of oncologists in Cebu City can be a great advantage to cancer patients. Aside from having more options to choose from, having such a list would make it easier for patients to reach out and get taken care of by an experienced and accredited oncologist. With an updated list of professionals who understand what a patient is going through, seeking professional help becomes much easier.

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