Cebu Ocean Park: The Largest Oceanarium in the Philippines

A unique underwater experience in the largest Oceanarium in the Philippines is coming to Queen City of the South! The Cebu Ocean Park will be another tourist attraction in Cebu for its residents and visitors.

Following the success of Manila Ocean Park, the organizers are building the Ocean Park in Cebu which will be located along SM Seaside City Cebu Complex, and near the Central Business District.

The project is currently under construction and once completed, this makes it an even more accessible destination especially to tourists from nearby regions to experience the excitement of being near the fishes and other sea creatures in giant aquariums. No need to head to Manila for this. ūüôā

What to Expect in Cebu Ocean Park

In case you are wondering what to expect from the Ocean Park, here are some details provided by the organizers themselves. Please take note that the information on the facilities and attractions may change without prior notice. But do take note that this is a massive construction and that they have a lot of plans for this site.

Attractions in Ocean Park Cebu

Jungle Trek
Trek through a jungle of remarkable collections of freshwater fish and other faunas! Get to see river giants all in one tank, hand-feed Australian lories & lorikeets, and discover more about freshwater fish mostly found in the Amazon and African rivers.

Creepy Critters
Go beyond your usual impression of reptiles and insects as sources of fear and nightmares. This exhibit features dozens of species to celebrate the diversity, beauty, and unique adaptations of both native and exotic reptiles and insects.

A stunning walkthrough of the watery depths that is home to a richly diverse collection of the world’s most amazing aquatic species. With a volume of 3,500 cubic meters of seawater and a 7.2-meter water depth, the Deep Tank Lagoon inside the Oceanarium is the deepest aquarium in the Philippines. Guests can immerse themselves in the ocean realm as they watch mesmerizing mermaids swim with their sea life friends. An underwater walkway will lead the visitors to a breathtaking 360-degree viewing tunnel to come face to face with big, toothy sharks, colorful reef fish, graceful rays, and many more.

Multi-Animal Shows

Witness the talented multi-species cast of our multi-animal show as they showcase their beauty and intelligence in a highly entertaining and educational spectacle the whole family will surely enjoy.

Animal Encounters

An ultimate underwater adventure wearing a diving helmet as you walk underwater surrounded by marine life. It is safe and ideal even for non-swimmers!

Glass Bottom Ride
See a whole new perspective on marine life without getting wet. Ride on the surface of the country’s deepest tank as you enjoy a bird’s eye view of various aquatic animals.

Stingray Interaction
Reach out and touch a stingray at the Stingray Interaction pool! Experience hands-on learning with multiple species of rays and sharks that you can interact with.

Mermaid Swim Encounter
Fulfill your wildest dreams of being a mermaid (or merman) even just for a day! Learn how to swim and glide with a mermaid tail through a 45-minute program.

Bird Feeding
Have a closer look at the friendly and colorful Australian lorikeets and get the chance to hand feed them!

Fish Spa
Immerse your feet in a tank of toothless doctor fish and let them nibble away your dead skin cells from your tired feet, giving you a micro massage that will exfoliate the skin and improve blood circulation in the body. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and have fun as these therapeutic fish feast on your toes.

Crocodile Cage
Dive into a thrilling encounter with a 14-footer saltwater crocodile! This is perfect for those who dare to get up close and personal with an amazing prehistoric creature.


Gift Shop
Your souvenir awaits! Take home memorable gifts for guests of all ages located at the end of your trip around the park.

Enjoy tasty meals at the food hall with a wide selection of your local and international favourites.

Function Room
Enjoy our state-of-the art function rooms that can satisfy each of your occasion requirement. Our rooms can suit extensive scale gatherings that require various types of set-ups including theater, classroom, meeting room, and U-shape.

Meetings & Social Events

Our unique and captivating function and events venues allow you to customize your space with special features that will ensure your guests will have an unforgettable experience. Our function rooms have up to 8,164 square feet of flexible space that can be tailored to your event needs.

Video: Cebu Ocean Park Preview

Below is a preview clip of what you cacn expect in Cebu Ocean Park by YouTuber Akerue Raya:

So there are plenty of plans being conceptualized once the theme park will be completed. These are exciting times again because Cebu is booming in terms of construction, infrastructure, tourism and developments!

Contact Information

Cebu Ocean Park
Address: SM Seaside Complex, South Road Properties
Telephone Number: (+632) 7557 888

Instagram: @cebuoceanpark

Google Map Location

Below is a map guide to the location of the Ocean Park in Cebu in case you want to know how to get there:

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