cebu do's and dont's

Do’s and Don’ts in Cebu

Even if you are a foreigner or a Filipino coming from a different town or city, you should pay respect to Cebu by following...
Weekend Activities You Can Do in Cebu

Best Weekend Activities in Cebu

People all over the world usually look for fun stuff to do. Some would even cross to another country just to experience the excitement...
Pag-Ibig Fund Cebu

Pag-IBIG Benefits, Requirements, and Application Process in Cebu

Pag-IBIG, along with other government benefits like SSS and PhilHealth, is a mandatory requirement if you are employed in Cebu or anywhere in the...
Internet Cebu

How to Set up Internet Connection in Cebu

Relocating in Cebu is not easy but you can always get through the hard part. If you have come from other countries or other...
Philhealth Insurance Cebu

Philhealth Benefits, Requirements, and Application Process in Cebu

The saying “health is wealth” should never lose its significance in this society. We should instill in ourselves the value of having a health...
Cebu Diving Shops

List of the Best Dive Shops In Cebu

Are you here in Cebu for some beach or diving experience? Do you want to dive with the assistance of professionals but you don’t...
cebu kawasan falls

5 Reasons Why Cebu is a Must Visit Place

Thinking of going to Cebu for a visit but still doubtful about it? We are here to help you find out why Cebu is...